Adhesive hooks and other adhesive fasteners offer quick fastening without drilling. The different hooks can be used in different areas for fastening various materials. Discover the right adhesive hook for your area of application now!
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Different adhesive fixings for your area of application

With our adhesive hooks, you save yourself the hassle of drilling and unsightly holes in the wall. The hooks can be easily glued to the wall and impress with their secure hold. Various suspension systems or objects can be placed on the hooks. Opt for the practical and versatile adhesive hooks.

Adhesive fasteners are very popular in various areas of application because they are easy to attach. In private households, they are used as towel holders, among other things. In sales promotion, they are used for the quick, reliable attachment of advertising materials and provide support for shop and business equipment.

The articles can be attached at any desired location. The respective adhesive of the hook adheres best if you clean the spot beforehand. Dust or dirt particles can negatively influence the hold of the adhesive hook.

You can use this type of fastening for both temporary and permanent attachments. After use, the various adhesive hooks can be removed from the respective surface without leaving any residue.

In our online shop, you will find adhesive fasteners for different areas of application. You can attach them to the ceiling, to the wall and to various surfaces. In addition, you will also find hooks for your packaging and goods in our range. Discover the use of adhesive hooks for your sales promotion now.

Adhesive hooks for the Ceiling

Among other things, the adhesive fixings are also available for attaching advertising material to the ceiling. The various fixings can also be attached quickly here. At the same time, they facilitate the use of suspension systems in your shop, office or business. The ceiling hooks can be equipped with a classic hook or with eyelets.

In turn, knotted chains, C-hooks or cables can be attached to these to complement the corresponding ceiling suspension. Posters or billboards can be displayed in this way or directly on the hooks. By simply hooking the print media into the adhesive fastening, the advertising media can be quickly replaced.

Suspension from the ceiling serves as a central placement for your advertising at the point of sale (POS). You can stick the hooks anywhere in the salesroom. As a result, advertising and information is provided in the immediate vicinity of the product.

Another advantage of a ceiling suspension is the freely selectable height at which you want to advertise. Opt for a poster presentation at direct viewing height. Use the adhesive hooks specifically for your sales promotion.

Simply attached to the wall

Wir liefern Ihnen die Befestigung mit den passenden Anforderungen für Ihren Verwendungsbereich. Bringen Sie den Wandhaken an und nutzen Sie die Halterung, um Rahmen oder Hüllen wirkungsvoll zu präsentieren. Der Haken kann unter anderem für die Ausstellung von Werbemitteln oder zur Befestigung und Aufbewahrung von Betriebsmitteln dienen.

Adhesive hooks for the wall can be stuck to various surfaces. The different articles convince with a reliable hold and a quick, practical use. After use, you will not have any unsightly and visually disturbing drill holes in your wall.

You can get the adhesive fixings for the wall in different versions. Do you want a hook with an eyelet, a classic metal hook or a fastening loop?

We will supply you with the fastening with the right requirements for your area of use. Attach the wall hook and use the fixing to effectively present frames or pockets. Among other things, the hook can be used for displaying advertising materials or for fastening and storing operating materials.

Adhesive Hook with Eurohole


Adhesive Hook 0.3 mm

Add-on adhesive hooks - ideal for your packaging

In addition to the above-mentioned applications, the adhesive hooks are also used for packaging. With the right hooks, you can equip the packaging of your products with a blister hole. Even unperforated articles can be presented on a single or double hook. This enables the presentation of goods on pegboards or slatwall.

In the area of add-on adhesive hooks for packaging, you will find various designs and perforations in our range. Choose the ideal hook for your packaging and your shelving system. We will be happy to assist you with our expertise in selecting the right adhesive hook.
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