Metal knotted chains are highly useful items when advertising media are to be hung from the ceiling. Whether for hanging posters or for decorative purposes, our various decorative chains of noble & robust quality will help you. The ball chains, link chains and knotted chains are manufactured in high-quality workmanship and are attractively priced. Please contact us if you have any questions about the chains or need a specific length. If you wish, we can tailor the metal chains to fit you perfectly.
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Welded Chains, Knotted Chains, Decorative Chains and More

In our online assortment you will find various chains that you can use as suspension for various objects. This is a stable and quick to attach fastening. Choose our metal chains as a robust and safe suspension system.

The chains are available in various designs. You can choose between different types as well as various lengths and strengths. The large selection allows you to choose the right chain for your application.

The different types of chains are made of brass or steel and are available in different wire thicknesses. Choose a chain with a galvanised, brass-nickel-plated or steel-nickel-plated surface. You can get the chains in rolls or by the metre.

Are you looking for a DIN 5686 knotted chain? These DIN-standard chains cannot be used as load-bearing or carrying equipment. Instead, they are ideal for suspending and securing objects. Due to their robustness, these chains can be used universally for fastening lighting, advertising material or signs.

These articles are unwelded wire chains whose links are "knotted" together. Depending on the chain, different wire thicknesses are used. Because the knotted chains are galvanised, they are weatherproof. Use the chains indoors or outdoors to secure advertising materials.

In addition to DIN 5686 knotted chains, you can also choose decorative chains, link chains, welded chains or loop chains as fasteners. Compared to the unwelded knotted chains, the individual wire elements of the welded chains are welded together. The link chain consists of individual C-shaped wire links that are hooked together. With the loop chain, the wire chains are intertwined with each other.

With the help of these chains, you have the possibility to create suspension systems individually tailored to your needs. Discover the right chain for your application and purpose now!

Ideal for hanging posters and more

The range of application of chains is large and extends to both outdoor and indoor areas. With the help of hooks, the chains can be attached to the ceiling and to various objects. The load capacity of the chain systems increases with the length of the chain and depends on the type of chain.

As an expert for sales promotion, we recommend the use of chains especially for shop fitting or advertising technology. In these areas, this type of fastening can be used to suspend objects from the ceiling in an attractive way. This can be a PVC protective panel, an advertising sign or a poster pocket.

A ceiling attachment saves space and allows exact placement according to your idea. For the hooks, you can choose the appropriate ceiling hooks or adhesive hooks depending on the intended use and ceiling.

These can be attached to the ceiling at the desired location in no time at all. Now all you have to do is attach the chains to the hooks. And you can hang your advertising from the ceiling in style. Choose the optimum height at which you want to hang your advertising material.

With a suspension system, you can choose the position as well as the height of your advertising placement individually. You can base the placement on your products, the optimal viewing height or your furnishings. In this way, you ensure maximum attention from customers and an appealing shop interior.

Choose the safe and stable suspension with galvanised knotted chains DIN 5686. Provide an attractive appearance or decoration with decorative chains. Or use the ball chains with lock from our range.

Knotted chains & ball chains in desired length

Discover our chains not only for the professional suspension of decorations or advertising material. The robust chains are versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes. In addition to rolls, we can also supply you with chains by the metre.

Contact us for the customisation of the chains to your desired size.

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