Air Purifier "LR 80 WIFI+" with H14 Filter

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Product highlights

  • modern air purifier with Hepa filter H14
  • cleans up to 800 m³ air per hour
  • for rooms up to 96 m²
  • 2 years manufacturer's warranty
  • Volume 20 - 66 dB depending on power level
  • controllable via app
  • with filter change reminder
  • mobile use possible due to castors
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Item number

Product Description

Low Noise Pollution

Noise emission is 20 - 66 dB depending on power level

Air Quality Display

Highly sensitive particle sensor checks air quality in real time and displays the result via an LED bar

Multistage high-performance Filters

5-stage filter system filters 800 m³/h room air via double-sided HEPA filters H14

Different Modes Adjustable

Adjustable to MANUAL, AUTO, TOPSPEED and NIGHT for each application area

Extensive Features

Can be used with WIFI, manual touch display, infrared remote control, automatic mode or app

Handy Use

Small size, low weight and equipped with castors facilitate handling

2 Years Manufacturer's Warranty

For Rooms up to 96 m²

use the air purifier individually or combine several units for larger rooms

Filters up to 99.995% of Particles

with a particle size of 0.26 µm

The mobile air purifier "LR 80 WIFI+" with H14 filter improves the indoor air to a high degree. It can help to reduce the risk of infection by viruses in closed rooms. In addition, the room air purifier reduces the concentration of mould spores, house dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria and odours in the air. 

The room air is cleaned with the help of a Hepa (high efficiency particulate air) filter. This not only sucks in coarse particles, but also ensures that the smallest pollutants are filtered out of the air. Particles with a minimum size of 2.5 micrometres are not only detected but also filtered. In addition, the number of filtered particles is counted and shown on the display.
air purifier filter technology
Our room air purifier "LR 80 WIFI+" offers you far more than the usual advantages and functions of an air purifier.

The modern touch display and the manoeuvrable castors make the device particularly attractive. The mobile application possibilities and easy handling recommend the "LR 80 WIFI+" for various industries. Thanks to a state-of-the-art touch display and a narrow light bar, the air quality is visible to you at all times.

Discover the air purifier "LR 80 WIFI +" as a mobile and high-performance air purifier for your place of operation. Control the device via remote control, touch display or app and benefit from better air quality.
Compared to other air purifiers, our product stands out due to its high-quality appearance and innovative touch display. This is integrated into the top of the device and offers a good overview as well as simple operation.

First of all, the on/off button is located at the top right of the device. After switching on, a particle display takes up most of the display. This shows how large the particle load is in the air drawn in. This number is defined in relation to the cubic metre.

The measured contamination of the air with dust, pollen or viruses is visually displayed via a narrow LED bar. Depending on how much or little the air is polluted, the LEDs change colour. In this way, the air pollution can also be seen from a certain distance. When the air quality is optimal, the LEDs turn blue.

Excellent air quality


Good air quality


Medium air quality


Poor air quality

The adjustable modes of the air purifier are located directly above the number of particles shown on the display. You can select the appropriate mode using the Mode button. In automatic mode, the filter performance of the unit is adjusted to the measured particle count. In sleep or top speed mode, the filter performance is fixed and is not controlled by the sensor.

You want to control the room air purifier manually? The Air Speed button gives you the option to do so. Here you can precisely define the performance of the air purifier and read it in steps on the touch display.

With this type of operation, the intelligent sensor control is deactivated. The filter performance is defined solely by the mode you set.

In addition, the touch display offers the option of setting a child lock or a timer for 1-12 hours. In addition, the display shows a filter screen light, which lights up as soon as the filter needs to be changed.

Via the interactive display, you can activate the WIFI function by holding down the Mode button. This enables control via your smartphone. The room air purifier can thus be conveniently controlled from your smartphone at any time, provided that both use the same WIFI.

Another option for operation is an infrared remote control that comes with the unit. Here, too, you have access to set the various modes or control them manually. The remote control provides access to almost all of the display's selection options. It is a convenient alternative for operating the air purifier.

The many options for operating the air purifier offer an exact adjustment to your needs. Choose between the different options or settle on one. Discover the many settings for your area of application.
To clean the air, dust and other particles must be filtered out of the air. Most of the time, these components of the air are not visible and are thus hardly noticed. Our "LR 80 WIFI+" filters particles with a size of 2.5 micrometres (PM 2.5) from the air. To do this, it sucks the individual substances, as well as aerosols, out of the air.

The air purifier sucks in the air via the side panels. The air passes through various filters, each of which is suitable for filtering certain components of the air. After purification, the purified air is expelled back into the room at the top of the unit. To provide the best possible result, the air must be able to circulate around the air purifier.

The air purifier is equipped with 5 filters:

  • Aluminium filter (washable)
  • Ionisation filter 20 million ions/m³
  • Antibacterial filter
  • Honeycomb activated carbon filter
  • High-efficiency Hepa filter H14 with self-sterilising effect

Commissioning the air purifier

  • Place the air purifier taking into account the recommended wall distances.
  • Remove the side panels and put the filter cover to one side.
  • Remove the plastic wrapping from the Hepa filter
  • Replace filter and refit side cover
  • Start up the air purifier via remote control, touch, display or app.
The room air passes through the various filters one after the other. Via the lateral suction, the air first reaches the washable aluminium filter, which can be found on both sides. The first coarse dirt particles from the air get caught on this pre-filter grid made of aluminium. Further coarse particles fail on the following pre-filter layer.

Further coarse-grained components of the air "hang" on the ionisation filter before the air reaches the antibacterial filter. Here, ultra-fine particles such as fine dust are already filtered out of the air. Among them are organic compounds that we would normally inhale.

The subsequent activated carbon layer in honeycomb form removes gases and odours. In this way, the air purifier also frees your office or meeting room from unpleasant odours. The self-sterilising effect of the highly efficient Hepa H14 filter protects the filters and prevents deposits. After passing through all five filter stages, the cleaned air is blown back into the room at the top.

It is generally known that air filters with H13 or H14 filters are able to filter viruses. In this way, they can contribute to health. Allergy sufferers also benefit from the use of air purification devices.

Allergens from the air, such as animal hair or pollen, are also among the particles that the device picks up. In this way, the sleep at home or work in the office can be made more pleasant for allergy sufferers.
The term HEPA stands for the designation of a Highly Efficient Particle Filter. These are filters that filter more than 99.9% of all dust particles from the air. The particles filtered are larger than 0.1 - 0.3 micrometres. These include aerosols, bacteria, pollen, smoke particles, viruses, various dusts or mite eggs.

Compared to other filters, such a HEPA filter is able to filter even the smallest particles from the air. Such a filter consists of different filter stages. It is a commodity that needs to be replaced after prolonged use. A distinction is made between Hepa H13 and Hepa H14 filters.

Our air purifier model "LR 80 WIFI+" has an efficient H14 HEPA filter that filters 99.995% of all dust particles out of the air. Special materials are added to the HEPA filter that can achieve highly efficient sterilisation and reduce damage to the filter. The noise emission of the air purifier is 20 - 66 dB.
By careful handling and occasional cleaning, you can support the functioning of the air purifier. The precise treatment of the filters is particularly important for this. If you remove the side panels, you can access both the pre-filter and the Hepa filter.

The unit will notify you as soon as one of the filters is no longer working optimally. The notification is given by the flashing of the Filter Screen button on the touch display. A flickering red light indicates that the pre-filter needs cleaning. A permanently lit light indicates that the Hepa H14 filter needs to be replaced.

Depending on the intensity of use, dust may accumulate on the pre-filter. This can affect the efficiency of the air purification. To counteract this, we recommend cleaning the pre-filter every 2 - 3 months. You can clean the filter with a dust cloth or under the tap and then replace it.

The multifunctional Hepa H14 filter must be replaced approx. every 6 months, depending on the use of the appliance. You will receive an automatic filter change reminder as soon as it is time. To do this, remove the old Hepa filter and reinsert the new filter.

You have to remove the side panels and the pre-filter to access the two H14 filters. The replacement is done within a very short time and the unit is ready to start again immediately afterwards.

The purified air is discharged through the lid of the unit. If you remove the lid, you also have the option of cleaning dust from the anion filter. The surface of the room air purifier can be cleaned with a damp cloth - never with water.



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