Bar stools, some of them foldable, are often used in conjunction with a trade fair counter. Choose between a bar stool made of wood, chrome, plastic or steel. Invite people to linger at your stand with comfortable and eye-catching seating. Discover the right bar stool for your exhibition stand now!
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For your Lobby, Bar or Exhibition

Stools are used in different areas. Classic step stools can be found in workshops or in retail. Bar stools, on the other hand, can be found in a variety of business sectors. They offer a quick seating option at counters or freely in the room.

The stools invite you to take a break in various places to relieve the strain on your feet and legs. This can make waiting times or the atmosphere of a conversation more relaxed. In this way, you ensure more relaxed visitors, customers or business partners.

Place a set of 2 bar stools at a reception, in your lobby or at your exhibition counter. Invite people to linger in the respective area. Depending on the bar stool, you can score with a particularly comfortable stool or a model with a modern industrial design. Experience for yourself the positive effect bar stools can have on your customers.

Bar Stools with Backrest vs. Modern Stools

With a bar stool you offer potential customers, patients or visitors a short-term seating option. They can be placed in various locations at short notice. You have the choice between different models. Choose a bar stool with a backrest or an upholstered seat.

A particularly comfortable stool goes down well with a target group of all ages. Most people don't necessarily think of bar stools in terms of comfort. Therefore, a comfortable stool will leave a surprisingly positive impression. You can claim this for yourself and your company.

In addition to classic bar stools, there are also many modern forms of bar stools. The stools made of plastic in mostly futuristic or simple designs inevitably catch the eye. Thus, the stools stand out from afar and fit perfectly into a modern interior design. They are perfect for presenting the company in an innovative and high-quality way at trade fairs or in lobbies.

As a company, you benefit from one or the other positive effect, depending on the image you want to convey. Opt for a novel exhibition stool in a modern design or a footrest bar stool with an additional seat rest.

Wooden Bar Stools with Natural Charm

In addition to the stools described above, wooden stools are also popular bar stools. They can be found in pubs, spas or other areas of the hotel industry. The wooden bar stools score with their natural character and are popular in a variety of businesses. The stools without backrests can be moved quickly and are a true classic among bar stools.

With the wooden bar stools, you can rely on a natural presentation of your company. Nowadays, the wooden stools also stand for sustainability. In addition, they have the potential to become a decorative part of your interior or event.

Choose between a stool made of uniform wood or a basic frame and seat in different colours. The material not only embodies naturalness, but is also superbly robust. Choose a wooden bar stool for long-term use in your area of application.

Modern Bar Stools for your next Trade Fair

Wooden stools, but above all modern basic frames are popular at trade fairs. Depending on the organiser, exhibitors bring their own furniture to the fair or the fair provides it. It is important that the furniture fits in with the overall appearance of the stand. Furthermore, it should not be uncomfortable and should invite visitors to linger at the stand.

Depending on the exhibition and the size of your stand, you can expect different numbers of visitors. Of course, you also want to be able to offer every potential customer the privilege of a personal conversation with your staff. As a good precondition for long conversations with prospective customers, there should be enough seating available.

So when it comes to exhibition stools, it is important to find the appropriate balance between comfort and high-quality design. In addition, there should be enough bar stools and seating to invite people to stay at your stand. Especially on a busy day at the fair, visitors to your stand will welcome a place to sit.

Advantage of Folding Bar Stools

In some areas, but especially at trade fairs, the transport and storage of stools plays a role. It should be possible to store and transport the exhibition equipment compactly. Of course, you can achieve this particularly well with folding bar stools. These can be packed side by side to save space and brought to the stand.

At the booth itself, the light but sturdy stools can then simply be unfolded and set up. The easy handling of the seating furniture ensures that the stand is equipped in no time at all. As a rule, these are plastic bar stools.

Discover the right trade fair stool for your next exhibition visit. We will be happy to assist you in putting together the trade fair furniture for your stand. Select the desired number of bar stools now, perhaps even with an accompanying transport trolley.

Bar Stools and Other Seating Furniture in the VKF Renzel Assortment

When purchasing new seating furniture in your business, we can offer you more than just bar stools. In addition to a height-adjustable stool or a bar stool with backrest, we also supply trade fair chairs. The classic stackable chairs are available in various colours and optionally with print. The range extends from armchairs to upholstered chairs and benches.

Furthermore, seating cubes or inflatable furniture are also suitable as eye-catchers at trade fairs, in entrance areas or at events. The printable seating furniture can be used for various advertising messages. You are looking for the right seating furniture for your business - we supply the right product, gladly also printed.

The Top Sellers Among Our Stools

With an average seat height of 750 - 800 mm, the bar stools invite you to spontaneously try them out. With their respective heights, the stools fit perfectly at any counter or bar table. With a bar stool set of 2, you can make any counter inviting for visitors and customers. Use the inviting effect to attract visitors, extend dwell times or make waiting times more pleasant.

Although the stools are usually light, they have a high degree of stability. Depending on the model, the stools can bear a load of 110 kg or up to 200 kg. Each model can shine with different features. Which bar stool is one of our top sellers? Which model is particularly popular?

Our top sellers include, in particular, trade fair stools. These include, above all, the classic "Zeta" bar stool made of chrome with an upholstered seat. Alongside this model, our "Miura" bar stool scores with its eye-catching design and surprisingly high level of comfort. Both products are equipped with a footrest and are stackable.

Choose a plain trade fair stool in chrome, black or white. Alternatively, go for bright colours like red, orange or green to create an eye-catcher. Or are you looking for a bar stool with natural charm? Then our wooden bar stools are just the thing for you.

Bar Stools - The Right Model for Your Field of Application

A bar stool not only fulfils its functional purpose. It can also make a positive contribution to the indoor climate or the image of your company. Bar stools can be found in various designs in restaurants, at exhibitions and at all kinds of events. They are also indispensable at the reception desk or the trade fair counter.

With a pleasant seat height, they invite you to linger in the respective area of use. Offer potential customers comfort by providing seating in the form of bar stools. The seating furniture is just the thing to complement counters or bar tables. Ensure an atmospheric appearance with a bar stool with a high-quality design.

Our bar stools round off your trade fair stand or the furnishings of your event perfectly. With a wide selection of seating furniture, exhibition stands and advertising materials, you will find everything you need for your next trade fair. Contact us and together we will find the right products to make your next event a complete success.

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