The bar table covers are available in different sizes and colours. They are used to visually enhance high tables and protect them from heavy soiling. Discover our covers with optional printing for a trade fair, event or special occasion.
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Bar Table Covers as a Festive Cover and Protection from Soiling

They are decorative and quickly create a festive flair. Bar table covers are available in a wide range of colours, materials and patterns. The main purpose of the covers is to enhance the appearance of high tables. They help to decorate and protect against dirt at the same time.

Whether long and loosely falling with decorative ribbon or short and flush. The models we present are hard-wearing, suitable for the catering industry and can be printed individually on request. The bar table covers are versatile and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

You can add decorative colour elements with a cover. Or you can opt for plain covers that blend discreetly into the event décor. Give events a sophisticated character by equipping bar tables with appropriate covers. The visual enhancement will have a positive effect on the perception of your company, your event or your brand.

Quick and easy: Bistro Table Covers with Stretch

Especially in the field of event equipment, the goal is to master the set-up quickly and neatly. Not only do good staff play a role here, but also proper materials. In addition to large set-ups such as stages or trade fair stands, this also includes setting up bistro tables. The bistro tables are optically draped with covers to visually enhance their appearance.

To do this, the cover is pulled over the tabletop of the high tables. Most covers are then attached to the legs so that the cover is tightly stretched. This ensures a neat appearance throughout the entire use of the high tables and covers. Exceptions to this are covers for knotting.

The stretch part of the covers makes it easy to pull the seams provided over the table legs. It also ensures that the staff covers the tables quickly and correctly. This supports a quick set-up at the event, trade fair or city festival.
Bar table cover with transparent protective panel

Protection for your Bar Table Covers

In addition to the cover, you can also equip your bar tables with a protective panel, which is then placed on top of the cover. The protective panel prevents stains from appearing directly on the cover. This is especially recommended for events where lots of food and drink is consumed.
The transparent hard foil makes the tables wipeable. This ensures cleanliness and also invites new guests to stay at the high table. If food remains land on the foil and stains appear, you can only try to roughly wipe them off. The cover can then only be washed after the event.

By using the protective panel, you ensure that your covers remain usable. By avoiding stubborn stains, the fabric covers will remain as stain-free as possible in the long term. It also reduces the need for frequent washing of the covers. Opt for a round hard cover in the respective size of your bar tables.

Outdoor Events: Bar Table Covers and Covers for Beer Tent Tables

No matter whether it's a company event, summer party, trade fair appearance or a gastronomic (large-scale) event. The form-sewn bar table covers quickly wrap every bistro table in a festive robe. Choose the covers made of jersey, polystretch or PVC for your next indoor or outdoor event. By covering the feet or knotting the covers, they remain in the desired position even in windy conditions.

In addition to high tables, beer tent tables are also used in outdoor areas. The narrow tables with accompanying benches are also suitable for fitting with covers. A complete beer tent table can be covered with the beer tent table cover and used for an individual print at the same time.

Covers for your Exhibition High Table

High tables invite people to stand together, to talk and also to consult. With bar tables, you can invite trade fair visitors to linger at your stand. You can use the tables for hospitality or consultation. The high tables thus have a central function on your stand.

They are noticed by a large number of potential customers every day of the fair. For this reason, covers for high tables are also used at trade fairs. You can continue the design or colour scheme of the stand builder with the cover. Printing on the cover can increase the perception of your brand.

Covers in your corporate colours can ensure that trade fair visitors recognise your brand from a certain distance. You can choose from a variety of covers in our range. Are you looking for a classic cover or a fancy cover with knots? We also offer a huge range of colours and the option of customised printing.

Bar Tables with Recognition Value

Almost every one of our bar table covers can be printed. This allows you to customise your cover. You can adapt them to your event, the occasion or your products. This way, you can create the right flair at a public event with Germany coloured covers. The same applies to trade fairs or company events.

Due to the large number of high tables, a large number of covers are used. You should definitely use them for decorative purposes to create the right atmosphere. Discover our covers with tree or beer motifs. Do you already have an idea for your next cover?

Order the right product in our online shop and send us the print data via the upload platform on our website. Our experts will check your print data before they go to print. This way we can ensure the optimal print result for your project. If you do not have a print file yet, you can also have it created by our experts.

The right Cover for every High Table

Depending on the high table, you have a choice of different high table covers, which are characterised by a robust jersey material. Whether for the catering sector or a company event, whether for large events or small celebrations. The bistro table covers can be used over and over again and are very versatile. This gives every bar table the right cover and a particularly decorative garment.

Choose between plain or uniquely printed covers. The high-quality covers have the potential for multiple use at your events. Opt for a protective cover made of transparent foil to protect the covers. Select your desired bar table cover now and order right away.
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