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Take advantage of our online offer of various bar table covers to decoratively enhance a bar table. The bar table covers are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours and are used to visually enhance bar tables and protect them from heavy soiling - whether for a trade fair, event, summer or company party or other celebration or special event. The classic bar table cover is placed over the table top and then falls loosely down, whereby the cover can additionally be fixed with a satin ribbon in the upper third of the table legs.

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Bar Table Covers as a Festive Cover and Protection from Soiling

They are decorative and quickly create a festive flair: bar table covers are available in a wide variety of colours, materials and patterns. The main purpose of these covers is to enhance the appearance of bar tables, to decorate them and at the same time to protect them from dirt. Whether long and loosely falling with decorative ribbon or short and flush: The models we present are hard-wearing, suitable for the catering industry and - on request - can be printed individually. The bar table covers are versatile and can be used for indoor and outdoor use.

Versatile bar table covers for indoors and outdoors

No matter whether it's a company event, summer party, trade fair appearance or a gastronomic (large-scale) event. The form-sewn bar table covers quickly wrap every bar table in a festive robe. The "Samba" bar table cover incl. tabletop cover for Ø 700 mm is made of hard-wearing polyester and spandex and is available in many different colours. The "Cover" bar table cover is somewhat more festive and is also available in many different colours and with a decorative bow for festive accents. A real eye-catcher is the "Samba" bar table cover motif: beer, with a beer glass attractively presented in digital print. The "Samba" bar table cover motif: tree also impresses with a shapely tree trunk motif. A complete beer tent table can be covered with the beer tent table cover and used for an individual print at the same time. You too can use the diverse shapes and variations of the bar table covers for your next event - here you will find just the right inspiration.

The Right Cover for Every Bar Table

Depending on the shape and type of bar table, you can choose from the different bar table covers, which are characterised by a hard-wearing jersey material. Whether for the catering sector or a company event, whether for large events or small company parties or events. The bar table covers can be used again and again and are very versatile. This way, every bar table gets the right cover and a particularly decorative garment - choose your desired bar table cover now and order it directly.

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