Our Beverage Pushers for Your Shelf

Optimised product presentation with tool-free assembly - We will be happy to advise you on the use of beverage pushers!



Adjustable Tray

with variably adjustable widths



for 500 ml or 1L bottles

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for various round products

shelf pusher system for beverages, bottles and cans

For an immediate Effect in Shelf Presentation

✓ suitable for different sized drinks bottles
✓ width can be adjusted in six stages
✓ can be used in the refrigerated counters
✓ easy to reposition when stocked
✓ for shelves and mesh shelves
✓ modules can be fixed in place by clips in the fastening rail

Mounting & Fastening

  • per rail with clips
  • per rail with adhesive strips
Rail for fastening of merchandise pusher Adjustable Tray
The system has a fastening rail for fastening and even alignment. First glue the rail to the shelf and then insert the individual modules. These are still locked in place with a lever. In the case of a wire shelf, the rail can be fastened with the help of clips.

Merchandise pusher for the use with bottles

Easy and reliable Feeding of Beverage Bottles

✓ for 500 ml and 1L beverage bottles
✓ suitable for use in the chiller cabinet
✓ offers attractive space for printed inserts in the front pane
✓ particularly durable and robust
✓ manufactured from recycled material
✓ including predetermined breaking points

Mounting & Fastening

  • per rail with clips
  • per rail with adhesive strips
Mounting for beverage pusher EcoTrac
The system has a fastening rail for fixing and even alignment. This rail is fixed to the wire by means of clips and to the shelf by means of adhesive strips.
Beverage pusher Twin Pusher placed next to each other

For an optimal Feed of round Products

✓ two individual pushers that can be extended with adapters
✓ can be used for drinks and many other products
✓ variable lengths
✓ Newton strength individually selectable
✓ front stoppers of different heights
✓ Twin pushers can be combined for narrow and wide products

Mounting and Fastening

  • per rail with adhesive
  • per rail for insertion into shelf profile
Mounting of stock pusher on shelving
Glue the rail onto the shelf or slide it into an existing shelf divider system like a divider rail. After attaching, hook your desired Twinpusher elements and slide them into the required position.


Easy handling & tool-free assembly

Sales promotion through improved presentation

Exactly adaptable to your shelf

Shelf feeding systems for the point of sale

Discover the right system for automatic product feed on your shelving. Benefit from reduced staff costs and a uniform, improved appearance. The adjustable depth of the shelves and the tool-free assembly facilitate the immediate integration of the pushers into your shelf arrangement.

Equip your shelf with one of the systems shown above and take your beverage sales to the next level. We would be happy to advise you and find the product that meets your requirements. Contact us now!

Beverage Pusher - Product feed for cans & bottles

... first class check-in of your products

✓ visually appealing and uniform product arrangement
✓ compliance with the specified shelf locations
✓ structuring according to product groups - better orientation for customers
✓ easy removal and replenishment of goods
✓ quick, tool-free assembly
✓ individual adjustment of pushing forces
✓ exact adaptation to your shelf
✓ various combination options


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