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Various Catalogue Stands for your Print Media

With suitable displays, you set the stage perfectly for your catalogues or other print media. The media are usually presented at the optimal reading angle. Visitors and guests are motivated to take a closer look at the catalogue or even take it with them. The right catalogue dispenser provides your products with the necessary spotlight.

Catalogues in A4 format can be placed inside the floor-standing catalogue stands. Depending on the media dimensions and the depth of the display, there is room for different numbers of copies in the catalogue dispenser. Loading the print media is uncomplicated and usually even easy on the back. If copies can be added, your staff will be able to see this from a distance.

The floor-standing displays present your catalogues in a high-quality manner at various locations. Catalogues are a popular as well as central component of offline marketing measures. Companies in various industries still rely on catalogue advertising today, and with good reason.

Customers still like catalogues with excerpts from the product range. In the B2B as well as in the B2C sector, they are often used to find new investments. For this reason, catalogues are still a popular means of sales promotion.

You can display your promotional catalogues at every appearance of your company or in the branch itself when using catalogue dispensers. A stand can draw attention to your catalogues as an eye-catcher in the reception area. Depending on the model, you can even display different editions or special catalogues. The positioning in the entrance or exit invites you to take the magazine with you as you pass by.

Depending on the nature of the catalogue stand, it can also be used for mobile applications. Our mobile catalogue stands are easy to store and transport. Doing so makes it easy to move them from one location to the next. Set up there, your catalogues will be attractively presented.

A beautifully designed catalogue dispenser can visually enhance your exhibition stand and showcase your catalogues in a special way. The covers of your printed media are clearly visible to anyone passing by. Presented at the optimal viewing angle, the attractive covers attract additional attention. Use our catalogue dispensers to draw the attention of customers and interested parties to your catalogues.

Areas of application for catalogue dispensers:

  • Fairs & Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Reception areas
  • Shops
  • Commercial parties
  • Product presentations
  • Open days

Magazine Stands: Eye-catchers at Trade Fairs and Events

Compared to simply displaying catalogues, catalogue stands offer a high-quality and professional alternative. Inside the displays, the individual copies are perfectly arranged and ensure a uniform appearance. In addition, the covers and spines of the magazines are presented in a highly visible manner.

When choosing the right display, you can choose between different catalogue dispensers. Choose the display that best suits your location and displays your catalogues in the best possible way. Discover now from the different models in our online shop.

Do you want to use the floor display stationary or in mobile use? You can choose between different materials and constructions. For more mobility, you should certainly opt for an easily movable floor-standing magazine dispenser with a compact base frame.

In addition to a large number of aluminium displays, items made of metal or steel are available. Opt for a shapely model with the necessary stability for your place of use.

Should only one catalogue be presented or several at once? Do you want to highlight one catalogue in particular or display several product catalogues at once? Floor-standing catalogue dispenser with several compartments are ideal for presenting several print media at the same time in spatial proximity.

Within the display, you can choose the order and arrangement of the different media individually. With this type of magazine dispenser, the catalogues are usually removed from one side. Other models are accessible from all sides and can therefore be placed freely in the room.

A large number of our products offer you the display of catalogues at the optimum viewing angle. This angle allows an ideal view of the cover of your print media. An extension of this presentation is a catalogue display with lectern. The nagazine can be laid out on the shelf and browsed through by interested parties.

Customers appreciate being able to take out the catalogue in a way that is easy on the back. A large number of catalogue stands present the catalogues at viewing height and allow them to be taken out at an optimum removal height. A low number of magazines can influence this height.

A catalogue stand with variable shelf prevents this effect. The shelf adapts individually to the number of print media. Doing so ensures a comfortable and back-friendly withdrawal height at all times.

Do you have very special ideas for your magazine dispenser? We not only produce displays in individual sizes, but can also offer exclusive finishing. Print your catalogue stand with your logo or choose a powder coating in your company colours.

We are happy to assist you with the selection and design of your free-standing magazine stand. Discover the right display for your company now!
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