Literature racks are suitable for the attractive presentation of DIN A4 brochures at the Point of Sale.
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Increased visibility for your Print Media

Print media easily get lost in the crowd. At the same time, they should be presented in an attractive way to attract the attention of passers-by. In this way, it can be achieved that the various brochures, catalogues or information sheets are also taken along. This is followed by an intensive examination of their contents.

A suitable literature rack provides your brochures with the appropriate attention. Here, several copies can be placed next to each other as well as under each other. The individual shelves offer enough space to place several copies of the various brochures. In addition, the shelves are inclined at the optimum reading angle.

The ideal viewing angle gives customers an immediate good view of the various covers of your print media. The covers speak for themselves and can further deepen interest in certain topics or products. The different heights of the literature racks offer the possibility of display at viewing or reach height.

Use the different shelf heights as well as the perimeter of the shelves to perfectly showcase your literature. You can sort the advertising brochures by topic, target group or colour. Discover the sales-promoting effect of a literature rack at your point of sale.

Literature racks from VKF Renzel:

✓ indispensable at the POS
✓ can be used almost everywhere
✓ present
Information literatur
✓ in different sizes
✓ different filling depths
✓ with individual imprint
✓ individual production on request

Display attractively with brochure racks for A4

The common format for the production of brochures, catalogues or literature is the A4 format. Therefore, you will find various articles here that you can fill with your prints in A4 format. The shelves not only offer space to line up several copies of a catalogue one after the other.

When choosing a brochure rack for your POS, you can choose between different sizes and materials. Choose a model made of metal or extra acrylic elements. How many brochures do you want to present next to each other?

The literature racks offer you space to present up to 16 different items at the same time. This presentation is partly next to each other, as well as in different shelf levels. We supply models with up to five individual shelves.

You have the choice of how you want to present your assortment and your company. Do you want to present the brochures more compactly at one height or at different levels? How many brochures do you want to present next to each other? Through the intelligent placement of the brochures on the shelf, the attention of customers and visitors can be controlled to a certain extent.

Areas of application for brochure racks

With a brochure rack, you are not only well equipped in stationary trade, but also at trade fairs. Give trade fair visitors a comprehensive insight into your company's range of services with appealing brochures. Provide customers in your shop with the latest offers and trends by using brochures and catalogues.

No matter in which area of application, with a suitable brochure stand your print media are always presented in the best possible way. This way you can not only provide customers with a brochure. In addition, the literature rack, stocked with your brochures, also draws the attention of prospective and new customers to you.

The simple, attractive appearance of the brochure racks draws attention to your brochures and your company from afar. Potential buyers are enticed to take a closer look at your print media and your services. In this way, a high-quality literature rack contributes to sales promotion.

The attention-grabbing effect of the shelves is beneficial in various sectors and places of use. Product catalogues, travel brochures, brochures or information sheets can be placed on the shelves. Equipped with high-quality swivel castors, the brochure rack is always there where you need it.

The various types of shelving can be used both stationary and mobile. The sales-promoting effect of a floor literature rack can be applied to many branches and areas. From now on, place your brochures in the brochure rack in an appealing and sales-promoting way.

Discover the right literature stand for your Point of Sale now

You don't want to choose just a few brochures, but display your entire range of services? With a literature rack, you don't have to limit yourself to just a few copies when presenting brochures. Display a large quantity of diverse A4 brochures with the various shelves.

Benefit from the attractive presentation at the optimum viewing angle. In this way, the appealing covers will attract your attention all by themselves. The simple shelving clearly puts the brochures in the foreground and also blends in with any interior. It can be used in the long term as part of the shop or trade fair equipment.

An extra header board gives you the opportunity to create an additional branding effect. Place your logo, a message or your slogan on the shapely header sign. This way, your brochure rack is individually tailored to you and features your company's corporate design.

Discover the right shelf for brochure presentation at the point of sale now. Display your brochure selection to promote sales and draw customers' attention to offers, new products or events. Contact us now for detailed advice on literature racks.
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