• for the presentation of many small individual packages
  • optionally with branding
  • universally usable at many sales points
  • polypropylene strips can be shortened to the desired length at the perforation

With clip strips, also known as merchandising strips, you can present your goods clearly and precisely in the field of vision of your customers. Provide the strips with an advertising imprint to promote your brand.
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Individual Adjustment
The polypropylene strips can be shortened in length at the perforation points.

Can be used at short Notice
The hole and hook suspension can be used at various sales points.

Space saving Strip
On a small area the perfect presentation
of many individual packages.

Custom Branding
The header board offers the possibility of an additional and individual advertising message.

Your Merchandise exactly in the Field of View of your Customers

Clip strips can be found in various places at the point of sale. They offer the possibility of placing certain products especially in the customer's field of vision. In most cases, these are secondary placements of goods. These are displayed with the strip at an optimal viewing height.

The light and narrow merchandising strips are mainly found on the shelf or in the checkout zone. Here they are used to advertise special promotions or to stimulate impulse purchases. In combination with a header sign including advertising print, you make your brand visible even from a distance.

The advertising media have a suspension at the top with which they can be attached to the POS at the desired height. Individual packages with blister holes can be attached to the clip strip. These are displayed one below the other. The polypropylene clip strips can be shortened to the desired length by perforation.

Metal Clip Strips for your Point of Sale

A metal clip strip is a particularly strong and stable promotional product. This makes the strip more durable and can be used again and again for special promotions. With a thickness of 2 mm, the metal clip strip has a low weight. So it can be hung anywhere with the help of the hook on the back.

The metal material makes a high-quality impression on your customers. At the same time, this strip is in no way inferior to the others in terms of advertising. Customize the merchandising strip with stickers, a powder coating or attractive printing. A free print data check ensures optimum print results when printing your clip strips.

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Attach Packages easily to the Clip Strip

You simply attach products in blister packs to the clip strip at the suspension. The merchandising strips are available with as few as nine or as many as 24 hangers for your products. You can use them to present the same product multiple times or a variety of items.

Your products do not have Euro perforation? With the help of Stockaid retrofit adhesive hooks, these can also be placed on the clip strip. Choose a merchandising strip with or without a header board. With us, you can have the strip including the header sign printed entirely according to your ideas. Send us your print data or have them created by our graphics service.

Customized for your Brand

An eye-catching clip strip will ensure that you get the attention of your customers. With the help of the printed strips, you can increase the awareness of new brands or products. Moreover, a header sign makes your brand recognizable to potential buyers from some distance. Only in this way your brand will be registered by all visitors.

There are many options available when designing the clip strip. In addition to different colors and printing, the shape can also be specially manufactured. We would be happy to produce individual displays for your next special promotion. Ensure additional sales of your products now with a secondary placement of clip strips.

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