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KiTa FaBeLand

Company Kindergarten

Balancing family and working life forms part of the background of demographic trends and the lack of a skilled workforce is one of the major social issues we currently face.
Since August 1, 2008 VKF Renzel has been running its own company kindergarten Isselburger Feld (formerly "FabeLand") under the auspices of the AWO.

This gives our employees an advantage when it comes to finding an easy passageway back into work, and therefore allows our company to make use of your know-how as professional craftsmen.

Donation instead of Gifts

Instead of Christmas presents, this year we are donating the designated amount to the following organisation:

Augusta Hospital

The Augusta hospital Anholt is a specialist clinic for neurology with a focus on multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and neurological early rehabilitation. The hospital specialises in the diagnosis, therapy and aftercare of almost all neurological diseases.

With our donation, a snail-shaped herb garden will be planted on the grounds for the patients. Patients can get involved in planting, tending and harvesting in different ways or simply enjoy the blossoms and the scent of the herbs.


Projekt 30

Projekt 30 e.V. is an association that supports young people who are dependent on the help of others after severe strokes of fate. 

Reintegration into society and an independent lifestyle are the goals to be achieved. 

We contributed to the purchase of two wheelchair bicycles.

Typification DKMS

Recruitment of potential Stem Cell Donors

Together with the German Bone Marrow Donor Center (DKMS) VKF Renzel launched a campain on Nov. 24th 2014 to find new stem cell donors. The goal was to find as many potential life-savers amoungst the VKF Renzel employees as possible. The support from the employe side was enormous and 95 new stem cell donors were found.

In Germany, every 16 minutes a person comes down with blood cancer amoung many children or teenagers.

For a large number the transfer of healthy stem cells is the only life saver. Many do not find a suitable donor though.

The registration cost of 50€ per new donor were donated from VKF Renzel to DKMS.
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