Your Advantages at a Glance

  • professional and exclusive presentation of your products
  • catches the eye of your customers
  • different profile colours possible
  • customised products can be made to your measurements
  • large selection of merchandise supports and accessories

With a FlexiSlot® tabletop display, you have the possibility to design and use the display individually. In the profiles of the slatted wall, you can attach merchandise supports at the desired height. A wide range of accessories allows you to adapt the display exactly to your product. Placed on the table or counter, the display attracts the attention of your customers and visitors.
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Attractive Attention-grabber at Eye Level

A table or counter display is usually positioned on table and counters of any kind. They are ideal tools for sales promotion at the point of sale. By placing them on the sales counter or consultation table, the displays are at an optimal viewing height. This ensures that table displays of any kind enjoy a high level of perception by customers and visitors.

Especially at the Point of Sale / Purchase you can draw attention to special offers with an attractive display. You can use the display to present products or advertise additional items. Possible waiting times ensure that the customer is even more intensively engaged with the displayed goods.

Draw the attention of customers and visitors to different aspects with an attractive counter display. On the one hand, you can use the display to draw attention to certain promotions and offers. On the other hand, you can use such a display to convey additional information about the product or your company. Classically, the counter display can serve as a product rack for smaller products or vouchers.

Counter Displays to Promote Purchases

While the merchandise display has a direct impact on your sales promotion, tabletop displays with information tend to open up conversations. A merchandise display on the counter invites customers to make further purchasing decisions. It therefore has a direct impact on your success. Info displays, on the other hand, have an indirect effect.

With info displays for table and counter, you arouse interest in a particular product. The display can become a hook for a personal conversation or a consultation. By equipping the counter display with exclusive product information, the display can become an integral part of your consultation. Not only does it have a varied and descriptive effect, but it can also promote interest in and understanding of your product.

Discover the promotional effect of counter displays of any kind. By placing it on a table or counter, it is centrally located in the customer's field of vision. The display immediately draws attention to your message and specifically arouses the interest of customers. Use the attention-grabbing effect of table displays for your objective.

Triangular slatwall table display for snack manufacturer

Custom-made Solutions for your Products

  • branding in local retail
  • recognition value of your company and your products
  • flexible use of the display through a choice of different accessories
  • attractive design promotes customer perception
  • ideal for promoting new products or brands
  • can be redesigned again and again due to easy attachment of accessories
  • displays "Made in Germany" - directly from the manufacturer

(Image: Nutisal: a registered trademark of the Cloetta Group)

Advantages of a Slatwall Table Display

The flexibility of the slatwall sets the course for constant variety in the area of product presentation. The simple attachment of merchandise supports and accessories favours the possibility of a quick adaptation of the display. It can be completely redesigned in just a few steps. So you can attract customers' attention with ever new designs.

Accessories and merchandise supports are hooked into the profiles of the slatwall. The fact that the profiles are firmly anchored in each other and the accessories are precisely tailored to the slatwall ensures a firm hold and a high degree of stability. You can hang goods with blister packaging on slatwall hooks, while brochure holders are recommended for your flyers.

You can choose from a wide range of colours for your counter display. In addition to our ten standard colours, we can realise individual displays in any RAL colour. Furthermore, there is the possibility to refine your display with a print. As a manufacturer of counter displays, we are happy to implement individually designed models for you.

A tabletop display made of slatwall can therefore be individually adapted to the CI design of your company. In addition to the colour scheme of your choice, a possible inscription or a narrow header sign ensures a high recognition value. Even from a distance, customers can thus identify the display with your brand and become aware of you.

The large selection of accessory items makes it possible to adapt the display exactly to your products. Compared to floor displays, the size and weight of the accessories must of course be taken into account for table displays. In addition, you are free to choose which product supports you would like to attach to the display.

Once you have selected the accessories you want, you can place them freely on the display. You choose the exact position of the accessories within the grooves of the profile. Thanks to the simple hook-in fastening, a change of design is possible at any time and can be implemented at short notice.

Discover the customisable slatwall tabletop displays for your branding. Compared to other counter displays, the models shown above offer you a wide range of design options. We would be happy to support you in designing a unique counter display for your brand!
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