Slatwall equipment is used for the individual design of your shop fitting. With attractive merchandise holders and supports, you can turn your slatwall into a central eye-catcher. By simply hooking them in, the wall can be equipped according to your wishes. Choose the right items for your high-quality and attractive shop fitting.
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Merchandise Displays - flexible salesroom design

With the help of various merchandise supports, your slatwall can be designed freely and entirely according to your wishes. You can adapt the wall to your products or services by equipping it with different items. The result is a customised shop fitting that can be quickly and easily adapted again and again.

You have the choice between different models and products to use the respective panel wall. Do you want to present goods, display new brochures or place operating materials? The wide range of configurations for slatwalls makes it possible to use them in different areas.

Classically, the walls are used as shop fitting systems in retail or pharmacies. In addition, the practical displays can also be used for trade fair and event equipment. Trade fair stands can be set up quickly with the help of the displays and the merchandise supports and can be redesigned again and again. In this way, the walls and accessories become part of your long-term trade fair equipment.

At these locations, the panel displays can be used for product presentation or for advertising and information. This shelving system is also ideal for in-house use.

Attach your tools and work equipment securely to the slatwall. This can be adapted exactly to your area of application. Use our merchandise supports to mount your equipment safely, practically and in the immediate vicinity of the workplace.

Customised shop fittings and product presentation

Equipment can be adapted at any time

Appealing product and poster presentation

Using Merchandise Supports for your Slatwall

Slatwalls are popular elements in the area of shop fittings. Unused wall or floor space can be effectively used for various purposes with the versatile displays. At the same time, the merchandise supports attractively showcase your products and offers and immediately attract the attention of customers. The flexible design of the displays creates a real eye-catcher at your point of sale (POS).

The FlexiSlot® system is based on a coloured profile with so-called grooves. The individual profiles are assembled to form entire slatwalls and merchandise displays. Product displays such as hooks, shelves or brochure holders can be hung in the grooves of the wall. The simple attachment ensures that the design can be flexibly adapted and changed.

While the slatwall profile only contains the plastic slats, a tile is an extension of this. Here, the coloured profile is framed by a filigree aluminium profile. This gives the display a noble touch.

A wooden back panel provides additional stability. Countless different models of the FlexiSlot® system have been created on this basis. You have the choice between different floor displays, mobile solutions or wall elements. Discover the right display for your point of sale (POS).

Customise your slatwall

After selecting the desired slatwall, the next step is to equip it with attractive product displays. If you purchase a complete solution, i.e. display including accessories, you are spared this step. Otherwise, you now have the option of putting together the necessary items for your slatwall yourself.

You can purchase the merchandise supports directly with the purchase of the slatwall or expand your equipment for the slatwall at a later date. By purchasing different items for the product presentation, you have more options. The more merchandise supports you have, the freer and more varied your shopfitting can be.

Over time, various manufacturers have established themselves on the market for panel walls. The nature and depth of the profile therefore depends very much on the manufacturer. As a rule, most merchandise supports can be used for the slatwalls of various brands.

If you have more specific questions, we will be happy to advise you. Together we can determine the suitability of your slatwall with our high-quality merchandise supports.

Our selection of different items for placement is optimally adapted to the nature of our own FlexiSlot® slatwall. This is our own production of a panel wall. Convince yourself of the quality of our FlexiSlot® profiles.

Discover our merchandise supports not only for fitting your FlexiSlot slatwall. Learn more about the compatibility of your panel wall, with our complementary articles for the design of your shop fittings.

Exactly the right accessories for your panel wall

A large selection of merchandise supports is available for the design of your panel wall. The various supports can be easily hooked into the profile of the slatwall. The special construction of the slats ensures a good and secure hold. This is how the different wall, floor or counter displays are equipped.

First you will find a large selection of different hemisphere displays, hooks, product shelves and boxes. Choose the right item that will showcase your products in an attractive way.

As a rule, most people choose to equip their product display with hooks. These are easy to hook into the grooves and the goods can be displayed. Depending on the needs and size of the goods, you can get the slatwall hooks in different designs.

Among other things, you can choose from different lengths, models with price pockets or double hooks. In addition, the hooks are available in metal or plastic. These are perfect for quickly displaying packages on the wall with blister hooks.

While the hooks can be used for many different items, there are also product-specific product holders. Spectacle holders, ball holders or shoe racks are only available for certain products. But they embody all the important components for presenting these goods in an appealing way.

Everything for the Slatwall

As you can see, the use of slatwalls extends across all business sectors. With a hanging arm for clothing, you are well advised in the fashion trade. Transparent boxes, wire baskets or wooden shelves can be used for various purposes.

An attractive poster and brochure display can complement your shop design. Different brochure holders, poster pockets or trays can be used to display flyers, brochures, posters or catalogues. You can present these close to the product at trade fairs, exhibitions or in stationary trade.

How do you want to use your slatwall? Discover the right items for your plans in our range. The high-quality merchandise supports are long-term useful aids for the flexible design of your shop fitting.

Find out now about the suitability of merchandise supports for slatwalls from other manufacturers. We will be happy to advise you!
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