Do you want to approach your customers, partners or interested parties in a sustainable way? Ecological promotional products are ideal for your sustainable advertising. Made from recycled material or renewable raw materials, they are very popular with people of all ages. Add a logo or print to create your ideal promotional gift. Discover our sustainable giveaways.
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Ecologically valuable advertising and gifts

Promotional items are a popular means for sales promotion, PR campaigns or special events. Classically, the articles have a print and are characterised by a high usability. Through multiple use or viewing of the item, the respective owner keeps your company in mind.

This positive impression has an ideal effect on business relations and sales promotion. Customers and business partners can be delighted with small giveaways or beautiful promotional gifts. Promotional items are not only found at events and trade fairs. They are used in various areas and are an indispensable part of sales promotion.

Compared to conventional promotional items, the ecological promotional gifts are in no way inferior. With the same effect and efficiency, the sustainable promotional items present your company in an environmentally conscious and innovative way. Made from environmentally friendly material, the items can be attractively printed with logo.

Sustainability and biodegradability of products are playing an increasingly important role. By presenting your company in an environmentally conscious way, you can not only strengthen your customer base, but also attract new customer groups. The selection of ecological promotional items offers you a helping hand in this regard. Sustainable advertising can be implemented in this way at various events and in different sectors.

Advertise and present responsibly

Among the selection of ecological products, there are several varieties. Besides products made of wood and bamboo, recycled products can also be found. The selection of articles makes it possible to optimally adapt the promotional gift to your company. In addition, you can have the item exclusively printed.

The high-quality printing is done with digital or screen printing. All our products can be exclusively labelled or printed. With the appropriate motif, you ensure that your business remains in the customer's memory for a long time. Through repeated viewing of the promotional item, your logo will become firmly anchored in the memory of the customer or partner.

This increases the awareness of your brand or business. But the ecological promotional items provide an additional positive effect. They ensure that your company is associated with environmental awareness. This allows you to address new customer groups.

Discover our sustainable promotional items made of different materials. Equip yourself optimally for the next event with sustainable promotional gifts. This way you can ensure the sustainable presentation of your company at trade fairs, elections or openings.

Recycled promotional gifts

Every day, plastic waste is produced. These products are recycled and can be reused. The recycled material is called recyclate. The use of these materials is suitable for various products and in parallel, finite raw materials are protected.

Among other things, our ballpoint pens are made from so-called recyclate materials. The pens are largely made from recycled PET bottles. Including printing, a recycled PET bottle is turned into an attractive, ecological promotional gift.
Ökologische Werbeartikel aus recyceltem Material
In addition to the writing instruments, you can get many other models made from recycled material. Beverage cans and pocket umbrellas allow for more options in the area of sustainable promotional gifts. Reduce the amount of waste products and the consumption of finite products by using recyclates.
Ökologische Werbegeschenke aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

Made from renewable raw materials

To protect finite raw materials, we focus on manufacturing many products from renewable raw materials. Crude oil, for example, is a finite raw material that is becoming increasingly scarce. Renewable materials such as bamboo or wood replace the scarce material in many products.

Cans made of paper, bags made of cotton and bowls made of bamboo are not only environmentally friendly. Articles made of these materials are equally usable and resilient in terms of function. In addition, the material provides a pleasant feeling on the skin or during use.
Conventional items made of finite material can be replaced quickly and effectively. This is what makes promotional items made from renewable raw materials so popular. Whether it's a coffee mug, a pasta strainer, a paper tin with delicious contents or a wooden pen. With these products you are sure to please your customers.

Reduces additional packaging

Many of our promotional products made from environmentally friendly materials also avoid repackaging in the retail sector. Cotton bags are practical shopping companions. Instead of a cheap disposable plastic bag, the eco bag is a long-term shopping companion. Printed with your logo, the bag becomes a mobile advertising medium.

In addition to bags and fruit and vegetable bags, we also offer various coffee mugs. With a reusable cup you avoid throwaway cups. Packaging that is only relevant for a short time is replaced sustainably.
Ökologische Werbeartikel, die Verpackungen vermeiden
As a result, the amount of plastic waste and litter generated is low. Since more and more people are trying to live waste-free, products in this category are also very popular.

Our ecological promotional items are characterised by their high popularity as well as topicality. The articles are used in different areas of everyday life. Thus, the promotional gifts are always in the field of vision and often in use by the customer. This is decisive for the success of the promotional items and giveaways.

Advertise sustainably now!

Discover various ecological promotional items for your sustainable advertising! Strengthen the bond with customers and business partners. Present your company in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

We are always available to advise you on the choice of your promotional gifts. From the selection of the article to the printing to the dispatch of the goods, we are your reliable partner.

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