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Electronic price labelling (ESL)

How does ESL work? - The innovation on the shelf
An ESL system can be easily connected to your existing merchandise management or cash register system. By installing a few access points in your sales rooms, you have the possibility to change price information directly at the shelf fully automatically within seconds.

The whole thing works via a fast 2.4 GHz network that exchanges information bidirectionally with the electronic shelf labels. Through the bi-directional connection, the system automatically ensures that all price changes arrive at the shelf.

In addition, the customer has the option of calling up further information on the respective articles via a mobile phone app.

What can VKF Renzel do for you?

As an expert in price labelling, shop fitting and sales promotion, we are your competent partner in digital price labelling.

We provide you with solutions as a manufacturer of mounting systems to integrate your chosen ESL system (Pricer, SES-iMAGOTAG, Findbox, Displaydata, Samsung/SoluM, troniTAG and other suppliers) into your market.

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Our sister company troniTAG offers you with the latest label technology from  a suitable product range for your entry into digital price labelling.

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