Fahnen für den Außenbereich The popularaly called "flagpole", or flagmast, is a favorite item in the field of advertising technology/outdoor advertising. It is used to hoist a flag. The advertising flag is raised to the end of the flagpole by means of a hoisting device (often crank, rope, pulley). This makes the flag with the advertising message or company logo visible from afar. The flags, which are constantly in motion due to the wind, attract attention and remain in the public's memory. A flagpole with a boom ensures that your flag remains raised and visible even on windless days and keeps it in shape on rainy days. On stormy days, a flag weight keeps the flag "in place".
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With these Flagpoles you can fly your Flags high

You can see them in front of sports fields, at events, in front of company buildings, in public places or at the side of the road: flagpoles on which small and large flags can be hoisted high. With the help of flagpoles, flags become eye-catching and impressive advertising media and - depending on the size of the flags - can be seen from afar. In our online shop you will find a wide range of different flagpoles: whether with internal or external hoisting device, whether flagpoles with or without outriggers. With a flagpole from our online range, you are opting for impressive quality, durability and functionality. The aspect of safety is also a very important criterion for mobile flagpoles.

Flagpoles with Internal and External Hoisting Device

The Aluminium Flagpole "Classic" is a widely used model that can be fixed by ground sleeve as well as by tilt bracket. With internal hoisting device and convenient crank operation, this silver anodised flagpole is the ideal flag holder for flags to be hung up to 10 m above ground. The Hoist Flagpole with external rope guide enables the flag to be changed quickly thanks to the external rope guide. The pole, which is available in 6.7 and 8 m lengths, is attached entirely without ground sleeves. The outdoor flagpole was developed especially for outdoor use: This mobile flagpole with outrigger can be adjusted to four different pole lengths and has a plastic base that can be filled with sand or water.

The Right Holder for every Flag - Flagpoles in all Variations

Have you found your favourite? Now choose the flagpole that best supports and presents your flag. A solid foundation is particularly important for those flagpoles that remain in a fixed location, the so-called stationary poles. You usually receive this together with the purchased flagpoles. Flagpoles that can change their place of use, the so-called mobile flagpoles, are usually supplied with the corresponding ground elements. Use our online offer now and choose your favourite.
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