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Foldable Face Shield

Item number: 26.0732.7

Product highlights

  • Complete coverage of the face
  • Adjustable visor
  • Padded forehead section
  • Adjustable to head circumference
  • Suitable for spectacle wearers
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Material plastic
Colour crystal clear
Version with elastic strap and adjustable visor
Weight approx. 120 g

Product Description

The big advantage of this face shield is the height adjustable visor. The visor can be fixed or loosened by two screws on the sides. In this way the visor can be adjusted up and down, like a welding mask. The visor is placed on the forehead. Foam padding ensures comfort. The adjustable elastic strap attached to the back of the head allows the visor to be adjusted to fit any head shape.
The area around the mouth, nose and eyes is generously covered by the visor, thus reducing the risk of infection and transmission both for the wearer and people around them.
The face shield is light and comfortable and is therefore ideal for prolonged use, e.g. by service personnel in restaurants or hotels.

Wearing our visor is recommended in combination with a mouth and nose covering to ensure optimum face protection.
VKF Renzel accepts no liability for the effectiveness or proper use of the visors. The visor is neither personal protective equipment nor a medical product.


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