A large number of diseases are transmitted via droplet infection. Such transmission occurs in most cases through coughing, sneezing or simply talking. Face masks and visors are used to prevent these droplets from being emitted and thus reduce the risk of infection.
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Effective Contribution to Hygiene & Safety

Establishing standards for hygiene and safety within your company is important for both staff and customers. The personnel of various sectors are inevitably going to be in contact with a large number of people everyday. This therefore means that employees are also confronted with various germs and pathogens from these individuals constantly.

Just like your employees, customers can also come into contact with a variety of pathogens. During waves of disease, potential buyers are looking for trusted companies more than ever. This trust can be created by ensuring that you have a safe atmosphere for all, which these products can certainly help with.

Partitions, barrier stands are spit guards are used within shops and many other business premises, however face protection creates a certain level of security in personal contact. Whilst the focus is on creating trust among customers, they also aid in creating a secure working environment for employees too.

Easy to Use & Comfortable to Wear

To efficiently protect the face, unfortunately many individuals will have to commit to wearing a mouth and nose mask for an unusually long period of time. As a result, that’s why it is particularly important to make each person feel as comfortable as possible whilst wearing a mask.

The various products we have on offer can be easily attached to the head in different ways, to find a solution that you’ll be the most comfortable with. For example, the visor is attached to the head of the wearer with a practical hook & loop fastener; it adapts perfectly to any head size and serves to completely cover the entire face. This visor can also be optimally combined with a fabric mask.

Classic face and everyday masks are however quickly attached to the ears. The masks do not rub due to the pleasant rubber and cords used, and can be worn for several hours at a time. The mouth and nose masks are usually reusable, by being machine washed at a high temperature after each wear. Afterwards it is freshly available again for the next use. With these masks, you will receive several of the items within on packaging unit; owning multiple masks means there is no rush to wash and the life of the masks can be extended.

Hygiene Storage of Masks

One aspect that is often neglected when wearing protective masks is the storage of the face mask or face visor. In order to offer the best possible protection and a reduction in infections, the mask must also be stored accordingly. It is important to keep the mask sterile from cleaning until the next time you put it on.

First of all, it is crucial not to touch a face mask with your hands before use without first thoroughly cleaning or disinfecting your hands. After all, the mask should still be sterile when it is used. Until the next use, it should be packed as airtight as possible.
The airtight storage can be done using methods such as a ziplock bag, lunchbox or ideally with a hygienic mask box. In order to be optimally prepared and able to act flexibly, a mask should always be carried by each individual. Beneficially, a hygienic storage box or zig bag can easily be stowed in just about any handbag or jacket pocket too.

The storage utensil also plays a role in removing the mask; a used mask can easily be stowed  away without coming into contact with any other objects.When you get home, you can put the mask in the washing machine and the box in the dishwasher, then both articles can be used again.

Areas of Application for Face Masks

Face protection is important in many different areas, not only to create a certain atmosphere of security, but also to contribute to the health of employees and customers. The lightweight, breathable masks can add a huge layer of protection, without affecting everyday work or business.

Due to the great benefit that masks bring, the articles are used in different locations throughout a wide plethora of businesses and public facilities. In supermarkets, in retail, in practices, in educational facilities, everyday masks are worn in a variety of different colours and shapes, and will only continue to increase in popularity. With the use of these masks, this means that the possibility of offering further shopping experiences, teaching, treatment and advice etc. is still there.

Introduce new standards into your company with the various options in the field of face protection. Easily tackle the hygiene and safety concerns within your establishment to create a safe workplace and a pleasant atmosphere. Further products for personal protective equipment for your company can be found here.

As a company, VKF Renzel has dealt intensively with the topics of hygiene protection, as well as the legal requirements. With our knowledge and the possibilities in the area for our products, we would like to assist you in choosing the right product for your company. Simply contact us with your query and we will be more than happy to help find perfect solution for you.
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