Automatic holy water dispensers for contactless use

The sanitary holy water dispenser ensures the sanitary cleanliness of the municipalities. Automatic sensor allows contactless use. We offer labeling or additional design of the dispenser to optimally adapt it to your application. Normalize church attendance with automated holy count criteria.

For more normality in everyday church life

The communal supply of holy water is now hygienically questionable. Correction is necessary to prevent infections and disease outbreaks. Floor stands can be helpful without severely limiting the daily life of the church. They have the ability to protect the health of the public and visitors.

The floor display is quick to install and ready to use. The secure stand provides high stability. The holy water is placed at a pleasant height of about 1 m. Floor stands are easily accessible for visitors and staff of different heights. A drip tray under the opening prevents the floors from getting wet.

During peak season use of the holy water display, liquid may drip onto the floor. This liquid is collected in a practical drip tray. This avoids the risk of slipping.

The next advantage of our product is beautiful appearance and simple operation. Other floor stands represent visitors and members. You can also easily control each station. The filling container inside is quickly accessible and can be filled in no time.

Filling capacity up to 1000 ml is possible in different holy water dispenser models. The large filling volume ensures low energy consumption when running on batteries or rechargeable batteries. The station requires little effort on your part and is suitable for any environment.

The aluminum material gives the Holy Water Stand an elegant and simple look. Some of these displays provide trays that can be used for information. You can add greetings, blessings or important information. In addition to the analog information, there are also digital solutions.

Contribution to health

A contactless model can help to contain infections and disease waves.

Easy handling

The dispensers are easy to fill and the dosing quantity is adjustable.

Individually adaptable

Design the hygiene stand according to your wishes.

How the Holy Water Dispenser works

How does the holy water dispenser work for your community? Compared to before, the blessing sign is given through a kind of disinfectant dispenser. This can be placed at the entrance or also in the aisle of the church. Placed there, it can hardly be overlooked by people and is easy to reach.

The original disinfectant dispenser dispenses the holy water in the quantity you have dosed. To do this, visitors only need to hold their hand in front of the automatic sensor. Alternatively we can also offer models with a lever function. Here the lever is operated with the elbow and the holy water appears on the hands.

With the automatic models you can offer visitors a contactless holy water dispenser. In this way you can offer a pleasant and safe environment. At the same time, a little normality returns to everyday church life.

At a certain time you will surely provide the holy water in the traditional way again. What happens then with the touchless holy water dispenser? The floor display is suitable to become part of your equipment in the long term. Hygiene and safety will certainly continue to play a major role in the minds of mankind.

Simply fill the holy water dispenser with selected disinfectant and use it as a hygiene station. Visitors and members will thus also have an option for hand disinfection in the church. By using the hygiene station you can deactivate pathogens, bacteria and viruses on your hands.

Decide now in favour of our products that can be used in the long term. Ensure more safety and hygiene in your church with a holy water dispenser. In this way you will help to maintain good health in your community. Please contact us if you have any questions about the different models and their suitability for use in churches.

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