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Hygiene Tower "All-in-one"

Item number: 59.2495.24

Product highlights

  • rollable
  • operation by arm lever
  • refillable tank
  • for liquid disinfectants
  • capacity approx. 5000 ml
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Material metal sheet
Surface powder coated
Colour grey similar to RAL 7021
Width 400 mm
Height 1400 mm
Depth 500 mm
Version manual operation
Features with disinfectant canister 5l (without contents)
Features 2 lockable

Product Description

This hygiene tower with integrated disinfection dispenser is operated with the elbow. Furthermore, it does not require a power supply or batteries.
The hygiene tower has space for a 5l container of disinfectant inside the foot. A paper towel dispenser and the corresponding waste bin are also located inside the hygiene tower.
To access everything inside, there is a lockable door at the back.
Dimensions: 400 x 1400 x 500 mm (W x H x D)
Colour: grey similar to 7021


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