Place the disinfection dispenser as a floor stand in your shop, at your event or in the entrance area. The shapely floor stands are available with or without automatic sensor and can be used without electricity at the place of use. Choose a manual or automatic standing disinfectant dispenser.
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Disinfect Hands for Your Health

Companies benefit from more hygiene and safety, among other things. At the same time, you offer customers a great service. Who doesn't know the feeling of wishing for an opportunity to clean their hands on the go? Position a high-quality dispenser in your business now and ensure more hygiene and well-being.

Disinfecting hands is an absolute must in highly frequented areas. People in these or other hygienically questionable zones are confronted with a multitude of bacteria and influences. In such a situation, customers, employees or visitors long for a way to disinfect their hands.

But hygiene does not only play a role in heavily frequented buildings or hygienic facilities. People also feel that cleanliness is particularly important when doing their daily shopping or visiting a public or cultural institution. This is because people can come into contact with external influences such as pathogens in any factual situation in public life.

Standing Disinfectant Dispensers for your Hand Disinfection

Therefore, they are all the more grateful as soon as an opportunity presents itself to clean hands. The various standing disinfectant dispensers ensure effective disinfection. Compared to washing, disinfecting hands is not only about cleaning. Disinfecting focuses on deactivating bacteria.

Equipped with the right disinfectant, not only bacteria but also fungi, germs and viruses can be rendered harmless. A certain amount of disinfectant is sufficient for this. A sensor doses a walnut-sized amount. The hands should be wetted with the liquid for up to 30 seconds.

With the choice of disinfectant, you remain unbound and can switch to different manufacturers if there is a shortage. Choose a disinfectant that has been dermatologically tested.

This is also suitable for sensitive skin and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin after disinfection. In this way, you provide all passers-by with an ideal hand disinfection and leave a lasting impression. Please note the chemical hazard symbols for the various disinfectants.

Freely positionable at the place of use

Compatible with commercially available liquid disinfectants

Promote customer loyalty

Standing Disinfection Dispensers with Advertising Space

Information on the skin compatibility of the disinfectant can be provided with the help of a display or a poster frame. Other precautions on the topic of hygiene and disinfection can also be exhibited. In addition to being used as an information surface, the digital or analogue displays are also suitable as an advertising medium.

Hand disinfection dispensers cause passers-by to trust in the hygiene and safety of your company. Long-term and optimal trust also requires detailed and transparent information. To give customers and visitors even more security, you should use classic display stands, poster stands or displays.

The free-standing disinfectant dispensers can be supplemented by various information or advertising media. L-displays, roll-up banners and information displays provide a permanent reference. With a digital display, films, slideshows or various graphics can also be presented.

A quick exchange of information material is also possible with classic analogue display stands. This allows you to react quickly to changes and keep your notices up to date. In addition to the information or advertising displays, further accessories can be purchased online.

For the Steripower disinfection dispensers, free-standing, we recommend the Steripower Kit as an accessory. It contains practical hygiene pads. These are to be placed in the collection tray of the hygiene station. There, they carefully absorb excess liquid.

This ensures that the disinfection stand always looks neat and tidy. On the other hand, the kit also contains a charging cable and charger for the battery-operated items. A replacement battery is also included in the accessory kit.

The original and the replacement battery are used alternately. If a battery is not in use, it can be charged during this time. Meanwhile, your hygiene station is constantly in operation.

As you can see, the right accessories make your equipment perfect. Doing so optimally expands and perfects the presentation of your company. Ensure easier handling, high-quality performance and more prestige with the right accessories.

Automatic Disinfection Dispensers with Sensor

Disinfection dispensers with automatic sensor not only offer a good service, but are first and foremost particularly hygienic. Everyone is familiar with the classic dispenser with pump device. Often, people try to come into contact with the highly frequented dispenser as little as possible. Depending on the disinfectant, it is not certain which bacteria, viruses or fungi are deactivated.

An automatic disinfection embodies a hygienic solution. The perfectly sensitised dispenser reduces personal contact. Passers-by put their hand under the sensor and an optimal amount of disinfectant gel is dispensed. This is done without physical contact and thus in the best possible way.

A real convenience you can offer customers. Without having to worry, the disinfection stand is accessible to all customer groups. An optimal height of the sensor and the dispenser guarantees comfortable use for passers-by of different heights.

After holding out the hand, the sensor reacts. As the owner, you can set the amount to be dispensed beforehand. The ideal dispensing quantity, in combination with the large tank, ensure sustainable and cost-friendly consumption.

With the Steripower models, a dosage amount between 0.5 and 5 ml can be set. Once the amount is on the palm, the hand can be completely covered with the disinfectant. Depending on the agent, it can be bactericidal or virucidal. The latter agents deactivate not only bacteria but also viruses and fungi.

Excess liquid can be collected by hygiene pads in the tray. Depending on the disinfection dispenser, paper towels can also be provided directly for customers. This gives customers the option to dry their hands. In this case, a waste bin should not be missing in the vicinity.

Disinfection stand, free-standing at HoReCa

Disinfection dispenser free-standing with sensor at the buffet

Disinfection Dispenser, free-standing in the Entrance Area

Disinfection Dispenser, free-standing in the Entrance Area

Different Models for Effective Hand Cleaning

As experts in sales promotion, we recommend a disinfection dispenser not only for hygienic reasons. As described above, customer loyalty and general well-being are also strengthened. This also has an effect on the buying atmosphere. People find themselves in a pleasant atmosphere with a feel-good factor.

To achieve this effect, the various free-standing disinfection dispensers are recommended. Different models and equipment allow freedom in adapting to your company. There are differences in design and equipment.

The Steripower disinfection dispensers are certainly the highest quality solution. With a wide standpipe and an attractive aluminium base, they fit into any environment. The Steripower hand disinfection unit ensures a neat and pleasant disinfection.

The perfectly adjustable dosing quantity and the large storage space for disinfectant ensure long periods of use.

Compared to other free-standing disinfection dispensers, the Steripower models may appear large. This makes them visible from a distance. Alternatively, we also offer dispensers with a smaller circumference. The base frame and the sensor are then manufactured in a simpler form.

This means that the station takes up less space. The hygiene stations with various sizes can be used at different locations. Classically, the stations are used at the entrance or exit. Especially in places where a lot of bacteria are exchanged, you should provide a possibility for disinfection.

Equip Checkout Areas with Free-standing Disinfectant Dispensers

Such places are not only found at the entrance or exit. One area of close personal contact is the checkout area. When exchanging goods or means of payment, as well as when typing in the PIN.

During these processes, people come into contact with various bacteria. Here, it is suitable to set up a disinfection dispenser stand.

Taking out shopping trolleys, opening the door or signing are such situations. As you can see, a hygiene station can be used everywhere.

No matter where, it ensures more hygiene and safety by disinfecting the hands. After disinfecting, everyday life can go on as usual. Decide now in favour of a disinfection dispenser.

Create a pleasant shopping atmosphere, strengthen your customer loyalty and offer great service. The various models ensure the well-being of visitors, patients, customers, business partners, employees and many more.

VKF Renzel will be happy to advise you on disinfection dispensers and hygiene stations. Contact us via the various channels. Together we will find the right solution for your area of application.
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