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Due to digitalisation and globalisation, video conferences are already an integral part of everyday office life. Meetings, seminars and conferences now take place digitally. In these webinars and online meetings, attention must also be paid to the presentation. Present yourself competently with a high-quality webinar background.

How to make your presentation successful

Background plays a big role in the success of video conferences. It can quickly provide information about where you are. Bustle or movement in the background is a distraction for participants in no time. As a result, participants are not fully receptive. Important content could be "lost" during this time.

Undivided attention to your presentation is an important factor that can easily determine the success of the video conference. In addition to the technical requirements, the place you are in is important. The noise in the place as well as the environment and any situations that may arise need to be considered. A noisy environment can lead to misunderstandings and difficulties in conveying information.

Ideally, conduct the video conference in the office or at home. These places usually offer a quiet atmosphere and few distractions. Due to the constant use of this workplace, it offers optimal equipment. A professional video conference backdrop can be easily set up in the home office as well as in the office.

Especially with regular use in the home office, you can present yourself in a competent and serious manner. Equipping meeting rooms or certain workstations in the office creates perfect places for a video conference. These can be used by different employees. The backgrounds thus become a permanent part of the office equipment.

No distractions, focus on lecture

Professional representation

Graphic background of the contents

Optimal Implementation with Background

A webinar background not only ensures little distraction and a professional presentation. They can also provide the graphic underpinning for the content. The banners in the various frame models can be printed according to your ideas. Logos, graphics or even landscapes find space on the banners and fabrics.

The choice of motif should either aim for a simple image or one that depicts the theme. Alternatively, a green screen is also suitable here. These green backgrounds are ideal for recording tutorials and other videos. With the appropriate software, webinars can be carried out with the greenscreen.

On the green screen, you can always show different contents that are adapted to the respective video. In this way, the background can always be designed flexibly. This can benefit you not only during tutorials, but also during webinars. Explanations are graphically underpinned and thus the content is successfully passed on to the participants.

We provide different solutions for successfully passing on information to your participants or customers. There are models that can be set up and taken down quickly, as well as items that are designed for long-term use. Different widths and heights guarantee optimal adaptation to your location.

Discover wide roll up banners as a mobile version of a webinar background. The roll up banner is pulled out of the frame and fixed with the help of a pole. After use, the banner can be quickly rolled back into the stand and stowed away until the next use. A carrying bag ensures that you can transport the backdrop easily.

A press wall can also be set up and dismantled quickly. You can use this item both long-term and for short-term use. The banner of this wall is ideal for printing with your logo or as a sponsor wall.

A textile frame is recommended as a high-quality background for long-term use. In offices, this wide advertising space can be placed in a stable position. At the same time, it can be used as a partition or background and will quickly become an integral part of your business or office equipment.

Focused, appealing and competent presentations

Choose the right background for your next online conference now. Ensure that participants, interlocutors and customers stay focused. The background reduces distractions and keeps the focus on your content. This contributes to the success of your presentation.

By using a background, you present yourself, your products and your company in a serious and competent manner. Increase the trust in your content and the reputation of your company. At the same time, the option can be used to present content in a more powerful way. The communication of information via several sensory impressions increases the successful perception by other participants.

Decide now on the right model for your next webinar, the permanent equipment of your home office or for more successful videos. We will be happy to help you find the right item. Contact us and let us advise you on your options!

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