The new Kwickload Pusher System is excellent for displaying goods in refrigeration and freezing areas. The system makes it easier for staff to fill shelves and for customers to remove goods. The system is suitable for both shelves and support rails and is available as a fixed and extendable version.

Kwickload - Push your Products...

... even without a shelf!

✓ organised product presentation
✓ ideal for a wide range of packaging sizes
✓ great durability, made of ABS plastic
✓ saves time and costs
✓ easy assembly
✓ automatic re-arrangement
✓ pull-out mechanism with locking paddle
✓ suitable for refrigeration and freezing areas

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The pushers are available in lengths from 356 to 559 mm, with the width being manually adjustable. You can also choose from 9 different front adapters. The pusher system is available with wire or plastic dividers and different spring strengths are installed depending on the product type.

Here's how it works:

1. Selection of mounting option

Support Rail
Support Rail for Kwickload for hang in
Shelf Mount
Shelf Mount for Kwickload for easy set-up

2. Selection of Dividers

Plastic Divider
Plastic Divider for dividing goods

Wire Dividers

Wire Divider for Kwickload Pusher

3. Front Stopper Selection

...from small to large, always suitable for your products!
front stoppers for Kwickload pushers

Kwickload for Support Rails

Configure the right Kwickload system for hanging! Here are some possible variants with mounting rail:
Extendable Kwickload pusher for hanging with 2 pushers
Kwickload for horizontal bar, with front stopper and wire dividers
stock pusher Kwickload with wire dividers
narrow Kwickload product pusher for hanging
product pusher Kwickload for hanging
product pusher system Kwickload, narrow with shelf dividers
Kwickload for hanging with high front stopper

Kwickload for Shelf Mount

Configure the right Kwickload system for shelf mount! Here are some possible Kwickload variants for your shelf:
shelf pusher Kwickload with diviers and front stopper
pusher Kwickload for mounting on shelving
Kwickload with wire dividers and single pusher
shelf pusher Kwickload, narrow with front stopper
product pusher Kwickload for shelf mount
Kwickload shelf pusher for single bottles
Kwickload with narrow, half high pusher for shelf mount

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