Use our flat label holders to mark your warehouse racking. Find the right ones easily online or get advice from our specialist staff.

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Label Holder for Marking Your Warehouse Racking

Label holders for storage shelves are a practical solution for organising and identifying stock. They display important information such as product names, item numbers, barcodes or other relevant data. Using label holders makes it easier to identify and find specific items, contributing to efficiency and order in the warehouse.

The transparent front panels of our label holders protect the labels from dust and dirt and allow a clear view. Label insertion is simple: the front panel is opened at the top, the paper label is inserted and the front panel is released.

The back panel is usually transparent, but can also be made in your CI colour on request.

In addition to white paper inserts, we offer coloured insert strips on rolls in various standard colours.

The right Fastening for every Shelf

With us you will find the right fastening for your type of shelving. We offer various solutions for mounting. The most common are self-adhesive label holders.

Which Adhesive Tape for Which Application?

  • Fleece adhesive tape: Standard adhesive tape for all permanent applications on smooth, polar surfaces.
  • Foam tape: Adhesive tape for all permanent applications on smooth and rough surfaces.
  • Textile adhesive tape: Universal adhesive tape for all permanent applications on smooth, rough and fibrous surfaces.

Label holders with magnetic tape are a popular alternative for attaching to metal shelves. The magnetic label holders can be easily placed anywhere and removed again without any effort.
for Gluing
for Wire Baskets
for Glass and Wood Shelving
for Metal Shelving

Label Holder made of different Materials

Our range includes not only label holders with different fastening options, but also in various lengths and heights. In addition, we offer the possibility of having the holders individually manufactured in different colours. Furthermore, we have expanded our range to include PET. Explore our alternatives made of PET and recycled material.

In the production of recycled material, old goods and PVC residues from our production are crushed, prepared, pulverised and then processed into new products. This enables the sustainable conservation of resources and creates a closed value-added cycle.

Advantage of a Label Holders made of Recyclate

✓ Production from regranulate
✓ Saving raw materials, energy and CO2 emissions
✓ Closed recycling loop and less waste
✓ Full operability
✓ High UV protection
✓ Special longevity
✓ Clear view of the labels

In our online shop you will find label holders that are perfectly matched to all common systems. We have precisely fitting profiles for metal shelving and Linde shelving on offer. No matter whether you need label holders to stick on glass or wooden shelves or are looking for them to stick on different types of shelving - you'll find what you're looking for here. We have label holders for every shelf in our range.

We will be happy to advise you on the planning and selection of the right rail.

We are happy to advise you:

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