Anti-fatigue mats and anti-slip mats offer your employees the necessary comfort at the workplace. The flame-retardant mats are used at standing workstations, but also as floor protection mats in the office. Discover the right workplace mat for your company in our online shop.
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Workplace Mats: Ergonomic Mats for Workshop & Warehouse

Mats for the workplace are designed to protect the floor, protect staff and ensure safety. Due to the positive effect of the mats, they are used at various workplaces. They can be laid out at work benches or over large areas. This prevents the effects of long periods of standing.

Ergonomic workplace mats are made of various plastics. The material provides a pleasant standing feeling and cushions the floor. Standing on hard floors for long periods of time is not only noticeable in the form of foot pain and rapid fatigue. In addition, the joints are also extremely stressed in the long term, especially the knees.

Ergonomic mats are used wherever employees work in long periods of standing. This is particularly the case in workshops and warehouses. But also in production, employees predominantly work while standing. The floors in factory halls are particularly hard, which appropriate footwear can only mitigate with difficulty.

In the long run, it is important to avoid the rapid fatigue of employees and to protect their health. This is the only way to establish a good work ethic through healthy and satisfied employees. Use the ergonomic mats to equip standing workstations in your company.

Anti-slip Mat for more Safety at the Workplace

Workplace mats are mostly used at standing workplaces. This can be in production, in the warehouse or in the workshop. In addition to standing work, there are also various transport activities. Materials have to be procured with the help of platform trolleys or picking trolleys.
Such work processes and corresponding walking routes should not affect the ergonomic workplace mats. The mats have an appropriate thickness to facilitate standing at the workplaces. But bevelled mat edges still allow good accessibility to the workspace. The edges reduce tripping hazards.
The mats have a non-slip surface that is usually resistant to oils and greases. As anti-slip mats, the mats provide additional safety at the workplace. The bevelled edges also continue to enable the transport of goods to the area of use.

As you can see, with ergonomic work mats, work processes can be carried out almost as before. If this is not the case for certain procedures, reduce the area of the workstation mats. This way there is protection and at the same time processes are not affected. Choose anti-slip mats for additional safety at the workplace.

Equip your Business with anti-fatigue Mats

You know the feeling from long days of standing at work or even through events in your private life. When your feet hurt, it's an unpleasant feeling of fatigue. It is hard to ignore and it does affect the way you work to a certain extent. Especially when standing for a long time, such fatigue occurs more quickly.

The workstation mats for workbenches are easy to integrate in all areas. Simply place the black mats in the centre in front of the workstation. Here, the anti-fatigue mats now ensure a more pleasant standing and walking experience. Rapid fatigue caused by standing uncomfortably on a hard floor is avoided.

Experience the effect of anti-fatigue mats on your employees. You can gain points with your employees by being aware of their needs and protecting their health. They benefit because their legs and especially their feet do not tire as quickly. This in turn can improve mood and productivity.

Although the body quickly gets used to certain conditions, standing work is a long-term concern. It puts a strain on the joints and thus on the health of the employees. The use of protective mats can therefore also prevent the absence of employees due to illness.
Workplace mat for the office with print

Workplace Mat for the Office

The posture at the workplace and its ergonomics have a great influence on the health of employees. People spend a large proportion of their time in this place and in the corresponding posture. This can have a major impact on health. An ergonomic workplace and sufficient movement is important for physical health.

In the office, equipping with ergonomic desks and office chairs is therefore also crucial. Here, the safety mats serve especially as floor protection. The castors of ergonomic office chairs can put a lot of strain on the floor in the long term. The mobility of the chair is also sometimes restricted by the floor covering.
This makes it almost impossible for the chair to roll on carpet. On parquet or laminate, the chair damages your beautiful floor coverings. An office workplace mat ensures the mobility of the chair and contributes to the ergonomics of the workplace. At the same time, the respective floor covering at your place of use remains protected and correspondingly durable.

You can get such protective mats for office chairs in transparent or with printing in our online shop. Thanks to the transparent workplace mats, the floor remains clearly visible and your room design is not impaired. Particularly in offices with customer traffic, however, special printing on the mats is also an option. Because the mats with an area of more than 1 m² can serve perfectly as advertising space.
Workplace mat for standing workplaces

Protect employees and floors: ergonomic workplace mats

Workplace mats should be part of the permanent equipment of your workplaces. They enable ergonomic alignment of operations, which can make your workplaces more attractive and productive. Ergonomic workstations can help you make a professional and considerate impression on job applicants. In addition, the use of mats at standing workstations reduces rapid employee fatigue.

By using the mats, you mitigate the effects of working standing for long periods of time. As a result, employees face better conditions and can also work more productively. Protect employees' joints and keep the workplace safe with anti-slip work mats.

At packing tables, employees often find themselves in a standing position for more than 8 hours. In large logistics halls with hard concrete floors, workers can quickly become tired. Workplace mats in the appropriate format can easily be rolled out in front of the packing table. And the employees already notice a noticeable difference in their daily work while standing.
The use of workplace mats also protects the floor. On the one hand against soiling, on the other hand against damage caused by loads. The mats cushion loads and are of course easier to replace than the floor in the event of stubborn soiling. In addition, the workplace mats are easy to clean.

Discover ergonomic workplace mats to protect your floors from stress, dirt or damage. Due to the protection of employees' health, you should use the anti-fatigue mats in any case. Without interfering with processes, the mats have a great impact on workplace satisfaction.

High-quality Equipment for Your Business

In addition to floor protection mats, we offer many other elements for equipping your business. They allow you to adapt the workplace to the daily load. At the same time, we offer you various options for supporting employees in their everyday work. Go for ergonomic workplaces and avoid heavy loads through easy transport.

As a manufacturer of various displays, we supply you with a wide range of office and business equipment. Discover plain workplace mats for the office, workshop or warehouse. Alternatively, we are also happy to offer you some with printing. Choose floor protection mats with or without printing.

Benefit from the decisive advantages of an ergonomic workplace mat in your company. Select the mat in the format you need now! We will be happy to help you choose the right workstation mat for your office or standing workstations. Please feel free to contact us!
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