With LED light frames, your advertising shines in a new light. Insert your poster or photo and hang the LED frame on the wall or in the shop window. Our articles in various formats (A0 to A4) illuminate advertising media homogeneously, are energy-saving and impress with their durability. Discover the frames as floor stands or for wall mounting!
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Advertising in a shining Frame

Light has a very special effect on the human eye. This powerful effect makes illuminated advertising so attractive that more and more companies are turning to it. Illuminated advertising attracts attention from afar and can also be seen around the clock. These advantages are not only used for advertising purposes, but can be used in many different ways.

Illuminated frames are an integral part of illuminated advertising. There is room inside for notices, posters and information of various sizes. In contrast to conventional frames, the LEDs provide high-quality illumination of the contents. The powerful LED modules usually find space in the frame and put your advertising in the right light.

Advertisements and information in various sizes and formats find space in the frame as inserts or slide-ins. In our assortment you will find LED illuminated frames in A4, A3 and others up to A0. In addition to these formats, several other sizes are also available. Advertising in small or large formats can be realised with the LED frames.

The illuminated frame can be used suspended from the ceiling, on the wall, for table and counter or as a free-standing version. On a power rail, the frame elements can be suspended and several posters can be displayed at the same time. Ideal for making the most of space in shop windows or for presenting different properties in the shop window.

Classic wall frames are also available for a wide range of items. With light frames, you can advertise on the wall in a space-saving way and make optimal use of free space! At the same time, they provide a new high-quality source of light.

For narrow corridors and narrow areas, you will also find special wall-mounted models. With these items, poster insertion requires hardly any space and can still be done quickly and easily.

Finally, you have the option of choosing a free-standing LED display. As a floor display, it is ideal for use in heavily frequented locations. It is directly in the customer's field of vision, which is further supported by the luminous effect.


Powerful LED modules

Advertise around the clock

High quality content reproduction

Interesting shop windows, illuminated menu boards and more

Luminous frames are used in many different places. Everywhere, companies benefit from the high level of attention that the frames attract. Announcements are illuminated to a high standard and ensure the first-class presentation of your advertising, notices and posters. The LED modules in the frame illuminate the various contents evenly.

The high-quality illumination ensures that your content is perceived quickly and effectively. Compared to an unlit frame, passers-by will always first look at the illuminated frame. LED frames are therefore suitable for standing out from the mass of advertisements and notices. In pedestrian zones, this is a great way to draw attention to yourself.

This is why the illuminated frames are often used in the design of shop windows. In windows of any size, you can attract attention around the clock with illuminated advertising. Even at night or on dark days, you ensure that your notices are noticed. The quick exchange of content allows for constant adaptation and redesign of the advertising content.

Due to the broad perception of the illuminated frames, they prove to be effective in sales promotion. LED articles are therefore often used for advertising purposes. Notices for new cinema movies, advertisements for a special cosmetics line or posters for events can be optimally presented in this way.

At the same time, the articles offer opportunities for displaying information and notices. The various frames are often used as menu boards or info boards. The lighting ensures that the important information are guaranteed not to be overlooked. This results in an effective transfer of information to passers-by, visitors and customers.

Be inspired by the different models in our online shop. Discover the perfect frame for your advertising purposes. In the assortment you will find various types of LED illuminated frames for your business.
Illuminated frame as a suspended snap frame

Eye-catching Snap Frames with LED Modules

The mostly silver anodised snap frames are very well known and are used frequently and with pleasure. The folding frames make changing posters quick and easy. To do this, the individual elements of the frame are opened and then closed again after inserting the new content.

With snap frames, you can place advertising and information on the wall or hanging. Due to the strong illumination of the advertising media, the plain frame steps into the background and only your insert is in the foreground.

Illuminated magnetic Displays for your Posters

With the help of magnetic displays, entire systems can be created within a very short time. The right equipment ensures quick and easy suspension of the magnetic frames. For example, the magnetic frames are quickly attached to a power rail using a suspension set. And you already have an eye-catching LED display for your inserts.

This practical system can be used not only for hanging displays but also for floor displays, wall frames and shelves. The LED modules provide the crucial high-quality lighting for the various displays.
Magnetic frame as multi-row illuminated frame
Acrylic light frame with inlay

LED Acrylic Glass Frame with Unique Lighting

Acrylic frames are shapely displays that can be used flexibly. They are ideal for placing on tables and counters. The acrylic frames can also be placed on the wall. The contents are inserted into the side of the advertising frame via a slide-in unit or inserted after removing the cover.

Compared to the snap frames, these frames are particularly flat. This enhances the noble appearance and the lighting also has a unique effect due to the transparent frame. You can also choose from a wide range of formats for the LED acrylic frames.

Frames for Indoor and Outdoor Use

LED light frames are used indoors and outdoors. The various designs can be used outdoors to attract visitors to amusement parks, pedestrian zones or promenades. Indoors, the frames are particularly effective in shop windows, malls or cinemas.

Outdoors or indoors, the LED light frames are used in all versions. Whether free-standing, on the wall or on the counter, the frames can be optimally placed at the viewing height of your customers and visitors.

Posters in various DIN formats can be inserted in the respective area. By using several frames next to each other, several contents can be displayed professionally and uniformly. For the presentation of several contents within one frame, you should not disregard our display cases. Here you will also find illuminated models.

The illumination of your content has a very special effect on customers, passers-by or patients. It catches their attention in a very short time, ensures optimal absorption of the content and also leaves a lasting impression. These advantages over non-illuminated frames are evident in sales promotion.

With illuminated acrylic frames, magnetic displays and snap frames, you are well equipped in the field of illuminated advertising. Desired goals in customer perception can be realised with the various articles. The frames are all durable and can become a popular part of your shop fittings.

The quick exchange of contents makes the articles the ideal advertising medium that you can use permanently for various purposes. Whether for advertising, notices or information - the frame presents every poster in the right light.

Frames that let your Advertising Shine

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