The LED snap frames illuminate your advertising content in a first-class way and thus draw more attention to your advertising.
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Snap Frames Meet Lighting

Aluminium frames are among the most popular frame systems. They are lightweight, can be fixed in many places and present your content in a high-quality way. These properties benefit companies in various industries. In combination with LED modules, the silver anodised frames enjoy a particularly high level of attention.

Just like the unlit frames, the models with lighting also impress with their features. They are available in different versions and variants that offer adaptation to the respective place of use. Among other things, single- or multi-sided and waterproof versions are available. In addition, illuminated frames are available in various sizes.

You can get the articles in the common formats A0, A1, A2, A3, A4. We also offer other sizes and DIN B formats. Choose the right insert format for your intended use and you can draw attention to yourself with illuminated advertising. The frames can usually be used in portrait and landscape format.

Without LED modules, the snap frames are already used for a wide range of applications. The lighting again opens up new options in the application and use of the widely known frames. They can be used flexibly indoors and outdoors. There, they draw attention to offers, menus, programmes or notices.

The LED frames are suitable for different areas of application. They are used in public and cultural institutions, in shop windows or as entrance signs. Compared to conventional light boxes, they can be used as customisable advertising signs. While the boxes usually have a permanent inscription, the inserts in the illuminated frames are replaceable.

At the respective place of use, the frames are attached in different ways. You can hang them from the ceiling or attach them to the wall. The optimum height at which you want to advertise is easily adjustable through the fastening. Advertise at an optimal viewing height and effectively address customers with your message.

Quick Change of Content

Available in many Sizes

High Perception by Customers

Advertising with a Luminous Effect

Advertising with light often achieves more perception and thus a better effect with customers. Powerful LEDs ensure the even and optimal illumination of the content. Passers-by perceive these print media better than unlit ones, because light has a special effect on our eyes.

This simple effect is exploited in the field of illuminated advertising. This advertising not only attracts attention during the day, but also impresses in the dark. As a result, your advertising is visible 24/7 and can appeal to a larger number of potential customers. Especially in dark seasons, when it gets dark early, this feature is particularly valuable.

LED snap frames are a solution in the field of illuminated advertising. The built-in LED modules ensure homogeneous illumination and high efficiency. In front of the LEDs is an acrylic diffusing panel, which supports the homogeneity of the illumination. In front of this is your insert, which in turn is protected from external influences by a cover film.

Lighting with LED not only stands for low energy consumption, but also for a long service life. We use highly efficient light modules that you and your illuminated advertising can draw on for a long time. The LED modules are usually installed in frames and put your advertising perfectly in the spotlight. Your LED snap frames are connected to the power grid with a cable or power rail.

Poster Change in Seconds

Illuminated advertising must not only be durable, but can also be adaptable and renewable. Just like conventional snap frames, the contents of LED snap frames can be replaced in a very short time. New inserts can be printed in no time and can also be advertised directly with illuminated snap frames. New offers, promotions or prices can therefore be presented quickly and attractively.

To change the posters inside, the frame profiles are simply unfolded. Old content including the cover film can be removed and the new content is inserted again with the protective film. Even large formats can be easily exchanged using this technique.

As soon as the new poster is inserted, it is reproduced in a luminous form. This immediately attracts more interested parties and potential buyers.

Compared to permanently printed displays, banners or light boxes, LED snap frames are a particularly flexible form of illuminated advertising. With the purchase of the LED frame, you do not only commit to one type of use. The item can be used for advertising purposes, for programmes and menus as well as for notices. The illuminated inserts in the respective standardised DIN format draw attention to various topics.

Simple attachment to the wall or with a ceiling suspension completes the flexible use of the articles. As if self-explanatory, the frames can be attached to the respective place of use. The easy attachment allows for rehanging and or aligning at any time. If you previously advertised in a shop window, you can now attach the frame to the wall near the product.

While the ceiling suspension is used especially in shop windows, the LED snap frames can be found on any wall. Here it is also possible to place a waterproof item on the outside wall and thus use the illuminated advertising effectively as outdoor advertising. Attached to the wall, the frames can serve as a light source and be placed close to the product.

In general, the illuminated LED snap frames are versatile. Not only the place of use, but also the type of use offers many options in customisation.

The simple appearance of the frames ensures that the respective item fits in with any shop décor. The aluminium profiles are usually very narrow. They stand in the background while the focus is on your poster.

Illuminated Frames in Landscape Format

LED snap frame in landscape format

LED Snap Frame in Portrait Format

Illuminated frame as a suspended snap frame

LED Snap Frames for your Sales Promotion

Our selection of LED snap frames offers outstanding possibilities in the field of sales promotion. As you already know, illuminated advertising has a special effect on people. The perception of illuminated objects is usually much greater than with non-illuminated ones. Illuminated snap frames embody this expressive effect with the handling and advantages of a snap frame.

The widely used snap frames are not only easy to handle, but also optimally highlight inserts and contents. They are available in all DIN formats as well as special sizes and are made of silver anodised aluminium. Therefore, the frames are insensitive and at the same time very light. Another advantage of these frames is the quick poster change, which also characterises our LED snap frames.

In the tight clamping profiles of the illuminated frames, the contents are not only optimally presented, they are also homogeneously illuminated. Powerful LED modules provide first-class and sustainable lighting for your inserts. Both single-sided and double-sided models have optimal luminosity for posters and billboards.

Use the waterproof models for outdoor use or discover our classics for indoor use. LED snap frames can also be used for attractive window displays that can be redesigned again and again. In shops, at trade fairs or in shopping centres, illuminated aluminium frames ensure that your information is noticed by the masses. Place menus, programmes, promotions or important information in the meaningful frames.
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