Magnetic name badges are easy to attach and protect your clothing. The way they are attached is by strong or extra strong magnets. We offer counterparts as spare parts for your magnetic name badges. With the help of self-adhesive magnetic clips, you can quickly turn previous name labels into magnetic badges.

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Magnets for your Name Badges with Logo

Name badges are used in various areas. They publicly display the names of contact persons, employees, participants or trainers. This makes it easier to interact with each other and reduces barriers to contact. A name badge is quickly attached and can be used for hours.

Make your name badges magnetic with our magnetic clips. The magnets can be attached to the back of the badge so that they are invisible to the observer. The counterpart of the magnet is simply removed and held to the magnet again behind the clothing.

Due to magnetic attraction, the magnetic clips ensure that the badges are held firmly in place. Depending on your needs and the type of clothing, you can choose between strong or extra strong magnets. Our range includes magnetic name badges and separate magnetic clips. With these clips, you can make your name badges magnetic even afterwards.

These separate magnetic clips are self-adhesive. This means that they can simply be stuck to the back of your badges in any position. Once stuck down, you should not detach the magnets again so as not to negatively affect the durability. Discover the two-part magnet sets with metallic self-adhesive plate and strong counterpart.
Name badges

Suitable Accessories for your Name Tags

Are you already the proud owner of magnetic name badges? Then you already benefit from the long durability and easy use of these displays. The magnetic badges offer protection for internal paper inserts with names. These can always be replaced laterally or by means of a folding function.

Once purchased, the magnetic tags become a permanent fixture in your service, trade fair or practice team. Each member of staff should have their own name tag for which they are responsible. This way you avoid losses and the constant exchange of name inserts. In case of a change or loss of staff, the name badge can be quickly equipped with a new name.

Due to frequent exchanges or stress, it can happen that the counterpart of the magnets is misplaced. In this case, you do not need to order a new name tag directly. The range of accessories in the online shop offers you suitable counterparts for the magnetic badges.

In this case, you can easily equip your name badges with a new back. And the badge can be used again in everyday work. It actually makes sense to equip yourself directly with a certain number of replacement parts for the badges. If a counterpart is lost, you can then access it directly.

Name Badges perfect for POS, Trade Fairs or Events

Name badges help immensely in the search for the right contact person or employee. The various signs are not only easy to attach, but also have a great effect. They enable communication at eye level and also offer a high degree of orientation.

The name tags are usually placed at a good viewing height above the chest. Customers or visitors do not have to look down at lanyards, but can also read the name unobtrusively. The curved surfaces of the badges make the names easy to see behind the transparent panes. You can draw attention to the badges by using appropriately coloured frames or an eye-catching design of the inserts.

When designing the name badges, it is important that the name remains clearly visible. Logo, motifs or other elements should not distract from the name. It is up to you to decide whether you want to display only the first name or the first name and surname. 

Use name badges at trade fairs, events and functions. Especially when there are many unknown participants or at business events, the badges serve their purpose. Customers can find the contact person they are looking for, Mr Smith, more easily. It is also possible to name employees "Mrs. Jones has reserved the goods for me".
Magnetic name badge with magnetic clip

Ideally suited to your Company

Depending on the company or intended use, other factors play a role. You benefit in all areas from the stability, durability and protection of the clothing. The design and layout of the name tag is all the more decisive for this. It should correspond to your CI design and the image of your company.

Do you want to present yourself creatively and personally? A name badge with the surface of a chalkboard allows you to write your own personal inscription on the badge. Transparent tags with paper inserts with logo ensure a presentation that is as simple and professional as possible.
There are also many other options, such as the choice of a colour frame. Or the possibility to choose a high-quality aluminium name badge. The large selection in the online shop allows you to discover the right magnetic name tag for your brand.

Name Badges that are gentle on your Clothing

Among the name badges, you will find different types of fastening. These include pins, metal clips or magnetic clips. Depending on the preference, one or the other name tag is preferred.

But it is important to note that the badges are usually always attached to clothing. And especially at trade fairs or lectures, it happens that particularly smart clothing is worn.

Name badge pins are inserted through the clothing. With metal or combination clips, the name badges are clipped to the clothing. This does not cause any damage, but the place where the badge was attached can sometimes still be seen afterwards.

Magnetic clips are definitely the name tags that spare your clothing the most. The clothing remains intact. It is located between the magnet and the counterpart, while the badge is held in place by magnetic attraction. this way, work clothes or employees' personal clothing remain intact.

Equip Employees with Magnetic Name Badges

With the help of the magnetic name badges, employees can be perfectly equipped. The badge can simply be taken out of the work bag or compartment and attached. It holds its position even during active work. For this reason, it is used in retail, service work or customer visits.

Equip your employees with high-quality name badges with printed inserts. Special icons, your company or brand logo can be printed on the insert. The colour design makes the name badge and your employee directly identifiable with your company.

Displaying names on the badge creates transparency when dealing with customers. Moments of desperately searching for the contact person are avoided. It can also often be unpleasant if you can't remember the name of the person opposite. All this is no longer a problem with the introduction of magnetic name badges in your company.

Type of Fastening: Magnetic please!

In our online shop you will find a variety of magnetic name badges. They differ in size, colour and magnetic strength. How do I know which strength of magnet is the right one?

The name badges are attached to shirts or jackets at trade fairs. At the same time, they also serve as a name tag for florists who wear a soft shell jacket as work clothing.

A thick jacket requires a completely different magnetic force than a thin shirt. In addition, the type of work and the duration of wear also play a role. Do you want to ensure a secure hold over long working days? Here, too, we recommend strong or extra strong magnetic clips.

We would be happy to help you choose the right magnetic name tag. We can advise you further by e-mail or in a telephone conversation.
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