With us you will find an extensive selection of high-quality name badges and accessories for various occasions. They are useful aids to make it easier for customers and visitors to make contact.
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Customised with your Logo

Name badges are indispensable in many areas. Whether at exhibitions, events or in hotels - they ensure clear identification of employees and make it easier for customers and guests to find their way around. When individually printed, they are a real eye-catcher and underline the corporate design.

The advantages are obvious: they facilitate communication and create a personal atmosphere between customers and employees. They also serve as an effective advertising space for the company. Through a logo or slogan, the company remains better in the customer's memory and thus also influences future decisions.

The design of the name badges should always correspond to the corporate design. Colours, fonts and logos should be consistent to ensure a professional appearance. In addition, the name badges should be easy to read to enable quick identification of the employees.
Name Badges and Accessories

Compatible Accessories

In addition to a wide range of name badges, we also offer a variety of accessories. From fasteners and holders to lanyards and badge covers, we offer everything you need to customise and design your name badge.

Our fasteners are available in different sizes, colours and materials. Choose the option that best suits your name tag and clothing style.

Frequent changes or stress can quickly lead to parts being misplaced and not being retrievable. For this reason, it makes sense to equip yourself with spare parts. You can find all the necessary spare parts directly in our shop.

Name Badges for Exhibitions & Events

Name badges are important at trade fairs and events. They make it easier for participants to identify with each other and establish contacts. They are also an important marketing tool for companies that are present at trade fairs and events.

Personalised name badges are particularly popular for trade fairs and events. Here, the company logo or the name of the employee is printed or engraved on the name badge. This not only ensures a professional look, but also a high recognition value for the participants.

Another advantage of name badges is that they can also help organise the event. For example, different colours or shapes of name badges can identify certain groups or areas. This makes it easier for participants to orientate themselves and find the right contact persons.


Name Badges as a Marketing Tool

Name badges are an important part of the business world. Not only do they help people introduce themselves to each other, but they also help build relationships and networks. They can also be used as an effective marketing tool to increase the branding and visibility of a company.

They are a cost-effective marketing tool as they can be worn by every employee and therefore have a wide reach. For example, when employees attend events or visit customers, name badges can help make the company more recognisable. If they carry the logo or name of the company, the branding is reinforced.

Name badges also help to facilitate interaction between customers and staff. If a customer knows the employee's name, they can address them directly, resulting in faster and more effective communication.


Versatile Name Badges

Our name badges are made of aluminium, acrylic glass or hard foil, among other materials. Each of these materials offers its own advantages.

Aluminium is very resistant and is therefore ideal for everyday use. It is particularly scratch-resistant and weatherproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors. If desired, they can be finished with laser engraving.

Acrylic is very versatile and is suitable for almost any application due to its light weight. Acrylic signs can also be printed on the back to ensure high visibility.

Hard foil name badges, on the other hand, are flexible and thin. They are particularly suitable for short-term events. The badges are light and comfortable to carry.

Gentle on your Clothing

Our name badges are not only a practical way to introduce yourself at trade fairs and other events, they are also gentle on your clothing. We offer different types of attachments that ensure your clothing is not damaged.

Magnets are one of our most popular attachments as they hold securely to your garment without leaving holes or damaging the fabrics. The magnets ensure that the name tag does not slip on your clothing. Use the name badges with magnets to create transparency for your customers and visitors.

Another option is lanyards, which are a great choice if you want to wear the name tag around your neck. Our lanyards are made from soft materials that are comfortable to the touch and won't damage clothing. These can also be custom printed on request.

Metal clips are another alternative to lanyards. They offer an easy way to attach the name tag to clothing. The clips are particularly practical for participants who do not want holes in their clothing but do not want to use magnets.
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