In this product group you will find a huge range of wall brochure holders for easy wall mounting. These are available in the standard brochure formats A4,  A5 and 1/3 A4. All wall brochure holders and multiple hangers are of high quality, stable and durable.

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Wall Brochure Holders: Focus on the Essential

Sales counters and desks should not be overloaded and the space on them is limited. The wall brochure holders are used wherever there is no space or opportunity to place a brochure stand. There are suitable accessories for mounting the wall brochure holders and most of them can be mounted without any problems.

Grab the attention of your potential and existing customers and inform clearly. With our wall brochure holders you will draw the attention of your customers directly to the essentials. A transparent front puts the brochures on display in the best possible way. So they quickly attract the attention of interested visitors.

While the cover attracts the interest of the target group, the relevant information can be found inside the brochure. Placement on the wall allows this info to be presented in close proximity to the product. Use the free mounting of the hangers for mounting in the entrance area, at the checkout or near the product.

Wall Mounted Dispenser

Leaflet Dispenser with Multiple Pockets

Combine together insertable wall leaflet holders, like our different systems, according to your needs. Create the perfect brochure wall or the most suitable wall magazine yourself. With some brochure holders, even different formats can be placed in a brochure hanger in a decorative and space-saving way.

In our range you will find various hangers in different formats. Your brochures have the classic A4 format? Or do you promote your company in 1/3 A4 format?

We offer models in various formats. From A3 to A4 and A5 up to 1/3 A4. Discover the suitable 1-fold or multiple hanger in our assortment.

In addition, orientation plays a role in choosing the appropriate model. Depending on the layout of your brochure, choose an article in portrait or landscape format. Alternatively, you can choose an article that can be used in both orientations.

Various Brochure Displays, Directly From the Manufacturer

In the field of wall leaflet holders and brochure hangers, we have our own possibilities in the production. This means for you that you can individually design your brochure holder. Whether in a special shape or with imprint of logo or slogan. If required, we will be happy to advise you!

Depending on how many brochures or flyers you want to display, different displays come into question. We differentiate between a single pocket hangers and a multiple pocket hangers. In addition, you get a large number of accessories for your brochure hanger. Discover the large selection of brochure displays for wall mounting.

Single Pocket Leaflet Holder:

Brochure holders for the wall are equipped with only one pocket. They are suitable to display single sheets, brochures or small catalogs. The simple wall mounting allows you to display close to the product or themed. Also here are different materials and formats to choose from.

Multiple Pocket Leaflet Holder:

The wall hangers for brochures have multiple pockets for displaying brochures or catalogs. Here you can display different media directly next to each other. You have the choice between displays with two up to 12 and more pockets. Combine individual hangers or choose an attractive brochure wall.

Leaflet Holder Accessories:

The available accessories simplify the handling and hanging of wall brochure displays. Use adhesive remover and our natural plastic care to keep the material clean. Holders and wall-mount profiles are used for quick attachment of the displays. Enhance your brochure presentation with high quality accessories.

Leaflet Holders for Outdoor Use

Displaying brochures is not only profitable indoors. The presentation of flyers and other items can also draw people's attention to your goods and services outdoors. In addition, products can also be advertised more closely in the outdoor area of your store. Place important information in the outdoor area with an outdoor brochure stand.

Our water resistant brochure hangers for outdoor use has an automatic closure. This keeps the brochure material dry even in the rain. In your outdoor area, the single pocket hangers can be mounted on the wall or attached to windows by suction cups. The outdoor brochure displays with flaps are available in various formats.

To change your inserts or brochures, simply flip open the lid. Just as you change the inserts, your customer or potential client will also be able to access the flyer material. The transparent material ensures high visibility of your flyers, leaflets, catalogs or brochures. Choose a wall brochure holder for adhesive, screw-on or to hang up.

Displaying Brochures Indoors

In the indoor area, wall brochure holders are mainly used at exhibitions, at the point of sale and in entrance areas. They help to make important information easy to find and offer it as a handout. This way, people can also access the info from home. Or they are reminded of your products and offers from there.

The brochure holders for the wall can be attached to the wall or shelf. They can be placed exactly at the desired location and are therefore very present for the potential customer. A cutout simplifies the removal of the various printed products. In addition, you can customize the hanger to your corporate design.

Intensify the perception of your brand by also designing the wall brochure holder similarly. Choose from different colors and opt for printing or lettering. The displays can be used long-term in one place or mobile to present your business in a high-quality way.

Single Pocket Leaflet Holder


Multiple Pocket Leaflet Holder

Mounting Wall Brochure Holders at the Point Of Sale

At the POS, you can cleverly promote your products and brochures through well-targeted attachment and suitable displays. In this way, you highlight your products against competitors and you can boost your sales. Brochures are particularly popular for advertising products at the Point of Sale.

A brochure or flyer not only offers the option to draw the attention of prospective customers through an appealing design. You can also pack convincing, important and additional information in a brochure and present it close to the product. In this way, you convince the customer of the product and strengthen customer loyalty.

If the person takes your flyer home, you and your product will still be remembered. This increases the awareness of your brand and can encourage the next purchase. A matching wall brochure display also draws attention to your brochures on the shelf. It also enables the immediate and safe display of flyers & co. at the point of sale.

Discover the different hangers for sales promotion with brochures at your place of use. Choose a model for direct attachment to the shelf. Or attach the display by gluing, with adhesive suction cups or screwing. Discover now the right display for your leaflets, flyers, catalogs or brochures.

Acrylic Displays for your Sales Promotion

We offer brochure displays made of plastic, metal, wire frames or high-quality transparent acrylic glass. This material offers you an attractive brochure hanger for the respective area of application in the long term. At the same time, your brochures are perfectly visible and attractively displayed inside. A presentation at the optimal reading angle further enhances this effect.

The transparent material doesn't affect the attractive presentation of your flyers, brochures or catalogs. Use the acrylic displays to exhibit single or multiple different inserts. As a manufacturer, we can offer you not only standard models, but also special displays. In addition, there is the possibility of labeling or printing according to your wishes.

Choose now the right wall brochure holder made of acrylic or other materials. Choose a model in A4, A5, or 1/3 A4 format that fits your brochure perfectly. Select a wall brochure display in the appropriate size and visually enhance your presentation. Find the right stage for your brochure presentation.
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