Wall mounted leaflet holders and leaflet hangers are used wherever there is no space or opportunity to set up a leaflet stand.
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Wall mounted Leaflet Holders and Leaflet Hangers in all Sizes and Shapes

Wall mounted leaflet holders or brochure wall holders are mounted both indoors and outdoors on the wall by means of screws. Wall mounted leaflet holders are made from plastics such as acrylic and polystyrene or from wire. Wall-mounted wire brochure holders have several brochure compartments and are often also used as magazine hangers. The sizes range from DIN format A3 to 1/3 A4 (DL). The leaflet holders with lids are particularly popular for outdoor use and protect against rainwater. Brochure hangers, on the other hand, are hung, e.g. on A Boards or on shelves.

Individual wall mounted Leaflet Holders "Made in Germany"

In the area of wall mounted leaflet holders and leaflet hangers, we have our own manufacturing capabilities. This means that you can design your brochure holder individually - be it in a special shape or with a logo or slogan printed on it. We will be happy to advise you if required!
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