Panel Wall for your Office or Shop Furnishing

A panel wall can be used both for the design of the sales room and for the office. The characteristic feature of such a wall is that it can be used as desired. Our panel walls can be individually adapted to your products, wishes or your office. Discover the walls to enhance your interior uniformly, decoratively as well as in a high-quality way.

Panel Wall FlexiDeco®

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Panel Wall FlexiSlot®

Our panel walls for office and wall design:

The FlexiDeco panel wall enables creative wall design made to measure. The system is based on various components that can be freely combined with each other. Compared to a classically designed wall, this system stands out due to its special look and feel.

As the name suggests, the wall consists of individual, characteristic wall panels. Adapting them to your CI design creates a real eye-catcher in the entrance area, in meeting rooms or in offices. The panels also have a positive influence on the respective room climate and ensure a pleasant atmosphere.

This is how the FlexiDeco® system works:

Are you looking for a special concept for your interior design? Our wall panels act as a real eye-catcher and ensure the best possible first impression for visitors and guests. The FlexiDeco system combines the two aspects of functionality and design. The large selection of surfaces and colours enables precise adaptation to the area of application.

This panel wall system is a simple suspension system. Assembly, replacement and extensions are easy. A distinction is made between three different components:
  • FlexiDeco Frame: The basic panel provides a stable and secure attachment to the wall. The black plastic element forms the basis for the various combinations. Additional panels can be added to this basic panel at any time.
  • FlexiDeco Stylepads: These are the decorative panels that provide the design of the surface. These elements are hooked into the basic panel and are available in different versions.
  • FlexiDeco Functionals: With the help of these elements, the decorative wall solution can be functionally extended. The Stylepads can be used as shelves, clocks, hooks or mirrors with the help of the Functionals.
You can use these components to create your very own wall design. Choose your desired elements and create a functional as well as decorative panel wall. Contact us to find out more about the possibilities and applications of this panel wall.
FlexiDeco wall design with the modular panel wall
Panel wall FlexiDeco as wall design in the conference room

The Panel Wall for your Shop Fitting:

Another popular panel wall is the classic FlexiSlot slatwall. It consists of individual plastic slats that have a specific profile. These slats are combined into panels that can be used on the wall, free-standing or mobile for presentation. The various displays are suitable for presenting products or information in an appealing and individual way.

With different colours and a large selection of accessories, the slatwall can also be adapted exactly to your needs. In this way, the panel wall becomes an eye-catcher in the shop or a flagship for your brand.

This is how the FlexiSlot® system works:

Our range includes a variety of different slatwall displays for your shop fitting. The special profile of the FlexiSlot slatwall provides practical grooves into which merchandise displays can be hooked. The functional items can be placed securely and stably in the groove by simply hooking them in.
  • The FlexiSlot profile forms the basis of the slatwall. The profile is available in both conventional plastic and bio-plastic. In combination with fine aluminium frames, bases or rotating elements, various displays are created from the individual slats.
  • By equipping it, you adapt it to your goods, your brand or the purpose of use. A wide range of hooks, boxes, merchandise displays or brochure holders are available.
  • Additional accessories help you to optimally complement the presentation with the FlexiSlot panel wall. Discover suspensions, connectors, lights, feet or castors.
The different panel walls available in our shop can be flexibly designed and used with the accessories. In addition to the displays already offered, the FlexiSlot panel wall is ideal for creating individual product displays. With colour, print or special accessories, the display can be adapted exactly to your brand and your product.
Slatwall centre display in the salesroom
Reception counter made of FlexiSlot panel walls
Panel wall FlexiSlot column cover in the florist's shop

Interplay of the two Panel Walls

Our panel walls differ both in their features and in their use. They are usually even used in different places.

But both panel walls can be used individually and modularly. They offer a high degree of flexibility in the design according to your CI design. This creates a unique wall design or a special shop fitting.
Panel walls FlexiDeco and FlexiSlot in combination
Despite their differences, the walls can also be combined with each other. The changeability is not limited to the respective system, it can even be used across systems. Decorative wall design meets functional and versatile slatwall.

As a manufacturing company with many years of experience, we are happy to help you realise your ideas. Our print shop and production facilities offer countless possibilities when it comes to designing and manufacturing your panel wall.

Discover our FlexiDeco or FlexiSlot panel wall for your company now. Or combine the two systems to create a truly unique look. Discover now for your shopfitting or office design!

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