Supermarket Islands

Fascinating product presentation for professional secondary placements, promotions and campaigns!

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Supermarket Islands 

Fascinating product presentation for professionel secondary
placements, promotions and campaigns

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Supermarket Islands - Highlight your Products 

In our fast-paced world, flexibility is crucial not only to satisfy but also to awaken needs. Our mobile retail island display is a true all-rounder, adapting perfectly and quickly to your requirements.

Wether it´s flowers for Mother´s Day, snacks for the next sports evening, fresh vegetables, or christmas treats - the mobile supermarket island can adapted in no time.

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Supermarket Islands - Highlight your products

In our fast-paced world, flexibility is crucial not only to satisfy but also to awaken needs. Our mobile retail display is a true all-rounder, adapting perfectly and quickly to your requirements.

Wether it´s flowers for Mother´s Day, snacks for the next sports evening, fresh vegetables, or christmas treats - the mobile supermarket island can adapted in no time.

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Increases sales figures
enhances sales promotion, leading to an increase in your revenue

individual printing
for visual adaptation to any industry sector

Versatile in use
compatible with all standard packaging

Optional attachments
transform the mobile retail display into a versatile space 

your goods are perfectly placed in your customers' sight

Quick restocking
creates visual order and allows for quick orientation

Ideal size
perfectly suitable for sales spaces of any size

Additional storage
saves space during storage and is quickly assembled


The three Basic Elements

The mobile supermarket island consists of only three components: the base frame with four wheels, a printed ring, and a flat top frame. As the ring can be folded, the mobile retail island display is very space-saving during shipping and storage.

The assembly is a breeze. First, place the base frame on a level surface. Then unfold the ring and insert it into the grooves of the frame. Finally, place the top frame on top and snap it into the ring. The basic version is 815 mm wide, 705 mm high and 615 mm deep, requiring approximately half a Euro pallet space.

By using connecting brackets, multiple supermarket island base units can be attached side by side, creating a visual unity.
Drei Grundelemente
Basiselement für den Aufbau der Vekaufstische

The basic structure made of black plastic is equipped with four wheels with a diameter of 75 mm. These provide mobility for the furniture.

Two wheels are equipped with brakes that should be activated once the retail display has reached its final location. The two wheels with brakes should always be positioned at the front of the display.

They are easily released there when you want to move the supermarket display. In case you prefer not to use wheels, the retail island can also be delivered with round feet.

The printed ring is made of plastic or cardboard. The plastic version can bear up to 120 kg, while the cardboard version can support up to 80 kg.

Two standard designs are available. Woodgrain in plastic for all products and tulips in cardboard for flower displays.

We would be happy to provide you with a quote for custom prints for seasonal events or special promotions. Once these are over, you can replace the ring and store it compactly folded until the next event.

The black plastic top frame is placed on top of the ring, stabilizing the retail island display. A variety of brackets can be attached to it to highlight your products effectively.

-         Angled frame for better presentation
-         Folding baskets in sizes 60 x 40 cm and 40 x 30 cm
-         Trays in three different heights
-         Willow baskets for a natural presentation
-         Banana displays
-         Acrylic sneeze guards specially designed for baked goods

By using connecting brackets, a tidy and cohesive appearence of the sales area is achieved. Customers can instantly see that the individual sales tables belong together, forming a coherent unit.
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Supermarket Islands - additional storage space in the ring

Optionally, the mobile retail island display can be equipped with additional storage space within the ring. For this purpose, a special ring with a cutout at the front is included.

After placing the ring, a sturdy plastic shelf is placed within the ring on the base frame. Then, the two wings of the ring are folded back and secured.

You now have an additional straight shelf available. On this, you can place suitable wine bottles for asparagus or pasta to engage in cross-selling.
Mobiler Verkaufstisch im Supermarkt

For heavy articles like beverages on the shelf, it is advisable to equip the base frame with an additional central wheel.

Do you want to display products in the storage space that should automatically slide forward? Use one of our additional shelves. These can be inserted into the ring on the mobile supermarket island display at two angles. This shelf can additionally bear a maximum load of 40 kg.

Please note that the total weight of the shelf, including goods, is counted towards the overall load capacity of the ring. If your shelf weighs 25 kg at the bottom, you may load the plastic ring on top with a maximum of 95 kg.

In the area of fruit and vegetables displays, folding boxes are frequently used. The supermarket island displays have space for two folding boxes with dimensions of 60 x 40 cm. Alternatively, boxes of sizes 40 x 30 cm can also be used.

So, if you are already using standard fruit vegetable boxes, the mobile retail island display is already compatible. Alternatively, you can order the baskets from us.

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Klappboxen in Holzoptik

The perfect product presentation - with the Eye-Catcher

Full shelves are meant to encourage customers to make a purchase. However, having too many products and putting too much pressure on the goods can lead customers to search for what they want in the shelf. Too much inventory in the shelf ultimately results in a decrease in quality, high write-offs and lower sales!

The Eye-Catcher makes the fruit and vegetable packaging appear fuller. A special insert is slid under the product without the need for prior removal and rearrangement. A modular base frame in the shelf lifts the product above the edge of the packaging, eliminating the need for layering.

The packaging looks fuller, and the products appear fresher. It supports sales and significantly reduces write-offs.
Klappbox mit Äpfeln für den Einzelhandel

How does the Eye-Catcher work?

The eyecatcher consists of a frame with lifting prongs that push the product upward through the bottom.

The Eye-Catcher is compatible with our folding boxes. It also fits the IFCO LL (Liftlock) fruit and vegetables crates, which come in sizes 60 x 40 cm and 40 x 30 cm.
Klappbox mit Tomaten für den Einzelhandel
The shelf frame with lifting prongs is placed in the shelf
Klappbox mit Tomaten für den Einzelhandel
The flat plastic insert is slid under the product without removing it
Klappbox mit Tomaten für den Einzelhandel
The folding box is placed on the shelf frame with prongs
Klappbox mit Tomaten für den Einzelhandel
The product is automatically lifted

Your advantages at a glance:

perfect product presentation
by lifting in the original packaging

reduction of fruit and vegetables waste
by an average of 30 %

increased product sales by up to 15 %

high cost-effectiveness with fast amortization in just 2 months

gentle treatment of fruits and vegetables ensures high quality

no need to remove the products - this saves your employees valuable time

roll protection prevents the products from falling

shelf frame for leveling different packaging ensures a neat shelf appearance 

shelf frame prevents the sliding of consecutively placed packages

replacement of high-quality underlaid folding crates - reduced capital commitment

sustainable and attractive product presentation at the point of sale

flexibly usable for various presentation purposes

For a natural presentation of your products, baskets made from woven materials are available. You can choose between artificial polyrattan or natural woven material made from willow.

Polyrattan baskets can be cleaned with water and are easy to remove dirt from. Willow should not get too wet, as the material may become soft and the basket could break. Lining the basket with a cloth can prevent dirt in this case.

There are baskets made of polyrattan and willow. Both variants are available in sizes 60 x 40 cm and 40 x 30 cm.

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Anwendungsbild der mobilen Verkaufstische
For presenting products whose packaging is not standardized for 60 x 40 cm or 40 x 30 cm baskets, trays in the size of 80 x 60 cm are available in three different heights. These are made of black plastic and are placed on the upper top frame. The frame can be straight or slanted.

All trays are ideal for offering special promotions or items on sale. A matched printed ring supports the sale of your products.
MPI 8665 W75 mit T8602
Tray T8602

22 mm height
✓ Flowers
✓ Garden herbs
✓ Honey
✓ Jams
MPI 8665 W75 mit T8607
Tray T8607

70 mm height
✓ Bakery products
✓ Wine
✓ Juices
✓ Sauces
MPI 8665 W75 mit T8615
Tray T8615

150 mm height
✓ Chips
✓ Snacks
✓ Toiletries
✓ Dog food
The mobile supermarket islands can be combined with various pricing systems. These are as follows:
With an angled Top Frame
Mobiler Verkaufstisch mit Preisauszeichnung
2x A4 poster frames
The mobile retail display has an angled top frame. On the back, two extendable rods with A4 frames can be used. Print the label in A4 size and insert it into the U-pocket in the plastic frame.
Verkaufstische mit Preisauszeichnung über ausziehbaren Rahmen
4x A5 poster frames
Additionally, there is a variant with two rods and four extendable frames. They can be displayed below or above the rod. Here too an A5 U-pocket protects your poster from external influences. Please note that this pricing system can only be used with an angled top frame.

With a straight Top Frame

For pricing trays, you have the option to use straight top frames. Place a poster stand with an A3 frame on top. Weigh down the base to ensure stability.


Price labeling for all mobile retail island displays

Price labeling for baskets
We offer a variety of clips with card holders that you can attach to baskets. Alternatively, you can also use clips with holders for poster frames or smaller plastic deli frames.

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Preischild am Korb befestigt
Price strips for paper labels
On the front of the supermarket island and on the shelves, price strips can be easily attached or adhered. Choose the appropriate height for your price labels.

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Scannerschiene „DBR”

Labels and holders for ESL
For various ESL manufacturers, we offer solutions for attachment to our supermarket islands. Click on the link and choose the provider or let us advise you.

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Etiketten und Halterungen für ESL

Using a Header Sign

The mobile supermarket island with angled top frames can be easily equipped with a header sign. If you are using the retail island display without an additional shelf, we offer you a set of 2 extendable rods and a T-piece holder for 4mm thick boards.

In case you have already planned to use the display with additional shelving above, we will simply provide you with the T-piece holders for easy attachment to the end of the rod.

Mobile supermarket island as a banana display

Present bananas professionally and effectively. As an accessory for retail island displays, specially designed banana displays are offered. These ensure better visibility of the bananas, promoting sales. They also allow for an organized presentation, enhancing the shopping experience for customers. Banana displays protect the bananas from pressure marks and damage in the market.

As a classic solution, the banana wave is available, which is placed on the angled attachment frame. With a width of 400 mm, up to two pieces can be placed on a sales table. The banana wave provides sufficient space for the yellow bunches on three tiers. Choose the wave to present bananas alongside other fruits and vegetables.
Mobile Verkaufstische „Banana“
If you want to present bananas separately on an island, the banana terrace is the better choice. It is placed on the straight frame of the sales table and has three banana tray on each side. Your customers can take bananas from all four sides. There is a special ring for the banana terrace. The ring features your logo and the inscription "Organic Bananas". The ring completes the shopping experience for customers.

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Mobile supermarket islands with sneeze guard

Protect fresh and unpackaged foods like bakery items with a sneeze guard. The transparent acrylic partition effectively shields your products from droplets that may arise during talking, sneezing or coughing.

It is 800 mm wide. Additionally, the display has two round openings for retrieving products. Merchandise can be easily replenished from the back.

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Mobile Verkaufstische „Bakery“

Storage space in overhead shelves

To better utilize the available sales space, the mobile sales table can be equipped with an angled attachment. Additionally, one or two metal shelves can be added. Two metal pipes are inserted into the frame, onto which the black shelves can be hung.

Please note that the angled frame attachment is mandatory. When used with one shelf, the maximum load capacity is 20 kg. When used with two shelves, it is halved to 10 kg per tier.

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Mobiler Verkaufstisch „Borkum“

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