Safety knives are an integral part of work equipment in all industries. Discover our high safety utility knives for your employees.
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Safety Knives for Everyday Work

Tools and aids play a major role in a good and professional way of working as well as a proper business equipment. Despite their small size, utility knives are a central part of the work equipment. As a versatile tool, they should not be missing from any business equipment.

Due to the handy size, a safety knife finds a place in every workwear outfit. Alternatively, they can be stowed in a practical holster. In any way, the knives are quickly at hand at any time. Equipping yourself with high-quality utility knives can make your day-to-day work much easier.

The sharp blades can be used to cut through various materials. Paper, cardboard, foil, bagged goods or polystyrene are just some of these materials. Due to the universal suitability of the safety knives for different materials, they are used in many industries. Especially in warehouses and logistics centres, the knives are indispensable.

The various knives from our online shop can help you cut boxes to size in the shipping department. In goods receiving, you make delivery notes and goods quickly accessible. In this that way, you can save valuable time and packaging material. In addition, the safety knives can minimise the risk of accidents at work.
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Promotional Knives: Safety Knives with Promotional Printing

A safety knife with promotional print is a popular promotional item to give to employees, business partners or customers. A utility knife is a particularly practical item for use in both private and business life. With a promotional knife, you are choosing a giveaway that will be used frequently, thus bringing your company to the attention of customers time and time again.

We will gladly print the desired safety knife with your chosen motif.
Impress your employees and customers with this individual give-away.

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Utility Knives with Safety Technology

In our online shop you will find various utility knives that differ in different properties. Depending on the safety technology, the knives are divided into the three types Secumax, Secupro and Secunorm. While the Secunorm type offers a high level of safety, Secupro has a very high level of safety. The Secumax type stands for the highest security level.

Secunorm safety knives with automatic blade retraction ensure a high level of safety in everyday work. As soon as you start cutting, you move the blade forward with a slide. When you have finished cutting, release the slider. The sharp blade disappears directly back inside the plastic handle after cutting.

Thanks to their fully automatic blade retraction, Secupro utility knives have a very high level of safety. The blade of the knives with this safety technology disappears back into the handle as soon as it leaves the cutting material. It does not matter whether you are still holding the slider or lever of the knife.

Martor's Secumax safety knives offer the highest level of safety. The Secumax models have a concealed blade, which protects your employees from cuts. Because the blade is not exposed, not only the person but also the goods are protected and can be saved from damage.

In addition to the safety technology, the utility knives differ in other features. While the blade is made of stainless steel, the handles are made of glass-reinforced plastic. Changing the blade varies from knife to knife. With most models, the blade can be changed easily without tools.

With the Secumax 320 model, a magnet ensures a particularly safe blade change. Here, the blade cannot fall out when the device is opened. Only by deliberately taking it out can the old blade be removed and the new one inserted. Here, too, the magnet ensures that the new blade fits perfectly.

Utility Knives & Safety Knives for Left Handed People

The blade of the Martor safety knife can be released in different ways. With a squeeze grip, the blade can be released particularly easily on the underside of the handle. As an alternative to the squeeze grip, 3-, 2- or 1-sided sliders are used. Here, the blade is advanced sideways either via two or one slider.

The 2-sided sliders in particular are suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users. Knives equipped with this mechanism can be used by different people. Utility knives with 1-sided sliders would have to have the blade turned around before they could be used by left-handers without restrictions.

3-sided sliders, like 2-sided sliders, have two side sliders. This means that these models can also be used by left- and right-handers. In addition, they have a third slide on the handle, which increases the safety of the knife. This makes it more difficult to accidentally release the blade.
In addition, you have the opportunity to discover utility knives for special materials, with a specific cutting depth or with a particularly ergonomic handle in our online shop. Choose from the wide range of different cutting tools. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right safety knife for your business.
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