Our safety scissors ensure safe and professional equipment for your staff and employees. The scissors made of stainless steel are used for cutting wires and cables, paper, foils or cardboard, among other things.
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Scissors made from High Quality Materials

Scissors are certainly the best-known cutting tool. As a practical tool, they are often used in the home as well as in everyday work. The sharp blades cut through a large number of different materials. This makes them a popular classic in the field of tools and aids.

Our safety scissors also provide a high degree of safety. They are comfortable and non-slip in the hand and reduce the risk of cuts enormously. The soft grip of the scissors made of glass fibre reinforced plastic ensures that the tool lies securely in the hand. The handle is complemented by two blades made of stainless steel.

The blades of Martor safety scissors have a particularly safe special grind. The edges of the blades are not ground at an angle, but straight. As a result, they are described as particularly finger-friendly. Rounded tips also help to ensure that the risk of injury with the scissors is extremely low.

Equipped with the safety scissors, your employees are perfectly equipped for everyday work. In many industries, scissors are an important part of the business equipment. They are used on construction sites, in the warehouse or in industry when handling various materials. Compared to the classic utility knife, safety scissors are usually a more comfortable solution.

A high-quality pair of scissors not only helps you to work with different fabrics, but also protects your staff. In this way, you create a safe workplace with professional tools. The use of safe work equipment, such as the safety scissors from our online shop, can help to reduce the risk of accidents at work.
Safety scissors with Easy Grip made of glass-reinforced plastic

Safety Scissors for Every Need

You can find different types of safety scissors in our online shop. The models are differentiated by their suitability for different cuts or materials. Choose the type of scissors that best suits your field of activity. We will be happy to support you in this selection.

The Secumax 564 safety scissors offer you maximum safety with a high level of comfort. With ergonomic handles made of glass-reinforced plastic, the cutting tool can be handled comfortably. A soft grip provides an improved hold in the hand. The high contact surface and the extra long cutting edge make the scissors particularly suitable for long cuts.

Compared to the Secumax 564, the Secumax 565 model has shorter cutting edges. The two large handles with soft grip make these safety scissors suitable for particularly powerful cuts. The all-purpose tool for professional cutting is ideal for large hands or working with gloves. A wire notch ensures easy opening of fasteners or carefree cutting of wires and cables.

Finally, the Secumax 363 safety scissors embody everything you need for precise and delicate cuts. This item does millimetre work on various materials. This lightweight is also suitable for working with cardboard, paper, foil, fabrics, cords or strapping. The cutting edges can be easily controlled with thumb and forefinger.

The high quality of the German-made scissors makes them a long-term companion in your daily work. Experience the quality of Martor safety scissors for yourself. Choose the right Secumax model now!
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