Shelf wobblers draw the attention of passers-by and customers to your products through their movements.
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Simple but effective

Shelf wobblers are one of the simple means of sales promotion and are definitely promising and beneficial. The customers' gaze is specifically drawn to current low prices, offers and discounts by the shelf wobblers. The slightest movement causes the sign wobblers to start moving. In this way, customers' attention is directed to the goods to be promoted without much effort.

The small aids for your sales promotion can be easily attached to the shelf at any height. For even more flexibility, there is a choice of different attachments. On the one hand, the wobblers can be hooked into the scanner rail on the shelf behind the price labelling. Equipped with adhesive, the various shelf stoppers remain protected from slipping.

Sign grippers also guarantee an optimal hold and thus also the ideal effect on the shelf. In addition, the sign wobblers are available in various lengths and materials. In addition to aluminium, hard PVC is the material of choice. Both materials prevent the shelf stoppers from "unhooking" quickly and ensure a long-term and unchanged hold.

High quality printable

For your eye-catching shelf appearance, we offer shelf wobblers in various shapes and colours. In addition to round shelf wobblers, square ones are also available as standard. Due to our in-house production, other and unusual shapes can also be offered on request. We also produce shelf wobblers in the shape of beer bottles, potato chip tins or other packaging.
Shelf wobblers available in different shapes
The respective shape of the wobbler can be extended with a high-quality print. Simply tell us your ideas and we will produce a print file for you. Alternatively, we are also happy to accept print files that have already been created. The copy will then be printed in high quality using digital printing.

The illustrations used in the shop represent samples and examples that can be adapted and changed in many ways. If you have any questions about the various shelf stoppers, we will be happy to advise you.


Eye-catcher on the shelf

Your product gets lost in the crowd? Do you want to draw attention to a special new article, a flavour or a summer edition? Do you need to advertise a competition in an eye-catching way? With the shelf stoppers you can attract the attention of customers at the shelf. The shelf wobblers can be positioned at different viewing heights to achieve the maximum advertising effect.

Use the often underestimated shelf wobblers for your sales promotion now. Optimally tailored to your needs, the wobblers can be easily attached to the shelf. We will be happy to support you in the selection and design of the ideal shelf wobbler.
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