With a coat rack, mirror and umbrella stand in your salesroom, you ensure the comfort of your customers and the opportunity for relaxed shopping.

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Umbrella Stands, Coat Racks and Mirrors in the Sales Room

If you have ever walked into a store on a rainy day and seen an umbrella stand conveniently placed by the entrance, allowing you to easily store your bulky umbrella, then you know how welcoming and well-prepared that salesroom feels. Umbrella stands not only serve a functional purpose but can also be decorative and eye-catching for your customers. In our store, you can find umbrella stands with friendly designs as well as ones in vibrant colors. These stands come with removable drip trays and edge protection to prevent moisture and damage from sharp edges. Often, they are placed alongside wardrobes and mirrors, creating a tidy atmosphere that allows customers to shop in a relaxed manner.

The umbrella stands are able to store advertising umbrellas, children's umbrellas, or classic stick umbrellas. This prevents wetness or dirt from spreading further into the store while allowing the umbrellas to dry off inside the stand. When leaving the building, customers, visitors or guests can simply retrieve their own umbrella from the stand. Additionally, we also offer printable umbrellas that can be used as promotional items for your company.
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