Viral Cleaner Acrylic, 500 ml

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  • cleans acrylic and transparent plastics
  • no stress cracks
  • no turbidity
  • without colorants and fragrances
  • inactivates enveloped viruses
  • removes fingerprints, grease, dust, etc.
  • consisting of bottle and spray attachment
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The "Viral Cleaner Acrylic" was developed especially for the cleaning of acrylic and transparent plastics. The cleaner does not contain any fragrances or dyes and is particularly suitable for cleaning sneeze & spit protection or partition walls.

Simply spray the Viral Cleaner onto the surface to be cleaned and let it work for a short time. Wipe it off with a lint-free cloth or kitchen paper. If necessary, any remaining residue can be wiped off with a damp cloth.
The surfactants contained in the cleaner attack the fat membrane of enveloped viruses, such as the corona virus, and inactivate them. In this way you can ensure greater safety at the workplace, in salesrooms or in the catering trade.

The Viral Cleaner is so gentle to the material that no stress cracks or clouding occur. The cleaner is not suitable for hand or skin disinfection.

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