In order to stay healthy in the long term, it is important to avoid infections. By washing or disinfecting hands frequently, the risk of infection via the hands can be minimised. For this reason, we offer various disinfectants for hands or surfaces. As cloths, gels or sprays, the articles ensure special hand hygiene on the way and in exceptional situations.

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Effective cleaning and protection

Most articles find room in every handbag or jacket pocket. If you are looking for a larger quantity of disinfectant, litre bottles are also available. We offer you articles that can be used as give-aways or promotional items as well as for business needs. Discover the right article for your needs.

With disinfectant you not only clean your hands, but you also free them from bacteria and viruses. The agents with ethanol all work as bactericide and some also as virucide (limited). This means that the disinfectant makes the bacteria and enveloped viruses inactive.

For an optimal effect, the disinfection must of course be carried out consciously. Make sure that the skin is completely wetted. In addition, 30 seconds should be allowed for disinfection. This ensures hygienic protection and at the same time you make your contribution to general health. After application, the various articles leave a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Disinfection gel, spray and more

In our online range we offer various options for hand disinfection. You have the choice to find the right article for your needs. In addition to generally used disinfectants, advertising material with optional imprint is also available.

Classic as give-away or promotional items are the limited virucidal disinfectants in coloured bumper. Through a loop on the practical and protective silicone cover, the article can be attached to backpacks, bags or lanyards. Inside there is a disinfectant which can be easily dosed through the closure. The body can be equipped with a label print.
Viruzides Desinfektionsmittel im farbigen Bumper
A pleasant alternative to the disinfectant gel is the one-time use wipes, which also ensure optimal hand disinfection. The disinfection wipes remain in the packaging for a long time and are dermatologically tested. With this article a print could be applied to the front side.

Are you looking for a disinfectant for use on the farm or to refill your hygiene station? The Hexawol disinfectant makes bacteria and enveloped viruses inactive. It consists of 96% ethanol and is supplied ready for use. Without the use of allergenic additives, even sensitive skin can be disinfected with it.

Make your customers happy with a practical disinfectant gel or refit your stock with our litre bottle. If you have any questions or enquiries about the various disinfectants, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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