We offer you various disinfectants for hands or surfaces. As wipes, gels or sprays, the articles ensure special hand hygiene on the go and in exceptional situations. Frequent hand washing or disinfection can minimise the risk of infection. Discover the right product for effective surface or hand disinfection now!
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Effectively clean and protect

Most items will fit in any handbag or jacket pocket. If you are looking for a larger quantity of disinfectant, litre bottles are also available. We offer articles that can be used as give-aways or promotional items, as well as for business use. Discover the right article for your needs.

With disinfectants, you not only clean your hands, but you also specifically rid them of bacteria and viruses. The products with ethanol all act as bactericides and some also as virucides (limited). This means that bacteria and enveloped viruses are rendered inactive during disinfection.

For optimal effect, the disinfection must of course be carried out consciously. Make sure that the skin is completely wetted. In addition, 30 seconds should be spent on disinfection. This ensures hygienic protection and at the same time you make your contribution to general health. After application, the various articles leave the skin feeling pleasant.

How our disinfectants work

In our assortment you will not only find different sizes as well as manufacturers of disinfectants. Furthermore, and certainly most important, is the differentiation according to effectiveness. Depending on the product, the agents are active against different germs, bacteria or viruses. You should consider these different effects when choosing a product.

The Robert Koch Institute divides disinfectants into different areas of effectiveness. Area A is the effectiveness against bacteria and fungi. Area B covers viruses. Disinfectants that are virucidal are effective against all three types of germs.

Products that are also effective against viruses are divided into virucidal and limited virucidal.
First of all, there are bactericidal disinfectants that are effective against bacteria. We encounter various types of bacteria everywhere in everyday life. Hand disinfection with a bactericidal agent can inactivate the bacteria on the hands and contribute to health.
Limited virucidal disinfectants are effective against bacteria and germs as well as against some types of viruses. The effectiveness against viruses is limited to enveloped viruses. These include influenza viruses.
With a virucidal disinfectant, you ensure that bacteria and germs as well as viruses are killed. These agents are effective against both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses.
The effect of individual agents is described as limited virucidal plus. These products act like limited virucidal disinfectants against bacteria, germs and enveloped viruses. In addition, they also kill the adenovirus or norovirus, as well as rotaviruses. To ensure the effectiveness of the disinfectants, you should carry out hand or surface disinfection properly and carefully.

The Robert Koch Institute states, among other things, that limited virucidal disinfectants can be used. The Corona virus is an enveloped virus. Therefore, it can be killed by agents with limited virucidal efficacy.

Hand Disinfection vs. Surface Disinfection

In addition to the effectiveness of the various products, the hazard warnings should also be observed. The products are usually highly flammable and should be stored and transported safely. Furthermore, the concentration of the product determines whether it is suitable for hand or surface disinfection.

In the case of hand disinfection, the focus is not only on effectiveness, but also on skin sensation. The product should leave a pleasant feeling on the skin and not cause lasting damage to the skin. Therefore, it must not be too aggressive for the skin flora.

With surface disinfection, on the other hand, the focus is only on cleaning and disinfection. The respective agent should completely kill the bacteria, germs or viruses on the surface. At the same time, it may deliver a cleaned and disinfected surface as a result.

Disinfectant wipes and liquid agents are used for hand disinfection as well as for surface disinfection. The disinfectant wipes are available individually packed or as a resealable packaging unit. They are packaged ready for use and are available both as a version for disinfecting hands or surfaces.

Liquid disinfectants in use

Our liquid disinfectants are available in different sizes, as a bottle or in a canister. The agents are ideal for filling hygiene stations or disinfection dispensers. Furthermore, the agents can be easily placed at the respective workplace, at the cash desk or in the respective entrance area.

By equipping workplaces or highly frequented areas, disinfection can be implemented quickly and conveniently. Both surface and hand disinfection can be carried out with the liquid disinfectants. Especially in smaller quantities and in a practical form, you can provide your customers or employees with high-quality disinfectants.

In this way, you can make an indirect contribution to their health. The potential risk of infection or contagion can be reduced.

As a spray, the spraying ensures an even distribution of the agents. The spray head evenly wets the surface or your hands with the respective disinfectant. This makes it easy to dispense the agent inside the spray bottle.

Disinfectant wipes for hands and surfaces

With practical disinfectant wipes, you ensure universal, convenient and time-saving application. Dripping excess disinfectant does not occur with the wipes. The wipe material and the amount of impregnating liquid are optimally matched to each other. Take the ready-to-use disinfectant wipe out of the packaging and disinfect medium-sized surfaces or your hands.

Individually packed, the wipes can be quickly stowed away in your work or jacket pocket. As a packaging unit, you can place the disinfectant wipes on tables, counters or shelves. They are quickly accessible at the respective place of use and serve effectively for disinfection.

Gel-like products are also used for hand disinfection. These are easy to dose and pleasant to spread on the skin. However, they are often not suitable for filling a hygiene station. In this case, you should use commercially available liquid disinfectants, especially for automatic disinfection dispensers.

Disinfection gels, sprays and more

In our online assortment we offer various options for hand disinfection. You have the choice to find the right item for your needs. In addition to commonly used disinfectant, promotional products with optional imprint are also available.

Classic give-aways or promotional items are the limited virucidal disinfectants in a coloured bumper. A loop on the practical and protective silicone sleeve allows the item to be attached to backpacks, bags or lanyards. Inside is a disinfectant that can be easily dispensed through the closure. The body can be equipped with a label print.
Virucidal disinfectant in coloured bumper
A pleasant alternative to the disinfectant gel is offered by single-use wipes, which also ensure optimal hand disinfection. The disinfectant wipes have a long shelf life in the packaging and are dermatologically tested. This item could have a print on the front.

Are you looking for a disinfectant for use in the workplace or to replenish your hygiene station? The Hexawol disinfectant makes bacteria and enveloped viruses inactive. It consists of 96% ethanol and is supplied ready for use. Without the use of allergenic additives, even sensitive skin can be disinfected with it.

Delight your customers with a practical disinfectant gel or re-equip your stocks with our litre bottle. If you have any questions or enquiries about the various disinfectants, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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