3D printing for the creation of prototypes from CAD files

3D Printing Service for Prototypes and Small Runs

We produce prototypes and small runs for you using 3D printing. Parts and components are usually prototypes at the beginning of product development. These are necessary to test designs for functionality and accuracy of fit. We not only use 3D prototyping for our own product development, but also offer it as a service.
3D Print Connector
3D Print Connector
View connector 3D CAD programme
View connector 3D CAD programme
3D printing small production run
3D printing small production run

Our Services for your 3D Prints

✓ 3D visualisation
✓ Creation, repair and verification of print data
✓ Manufacture of prototypes, small runs, exhibition models and spare parts
✓ High quality and robustness through the use of Onyx (carbon fibre reinforced polyamide)
✓ Final assembly of the products produced
✓ Extensive possibilities in logistics

Due to the high quality, our 3D prints are also used for the production of small production runs. If, for example, you need a small lot that cannot be produced in the injection moulding process because the number of pieces is too small or too uneconomical, we fill this gap with our 3D printing.
Not only 3D printing, but also other additive processes are taking on a more important role in manufacturing. Here, a component is created by adding material. In this way, various parts and constructions can be created without any tools at all. The basis for the production are 3D CAD files.

A significant advantage of this production is that no tools or aids are required. As a rule, the appropriate tools for dimensionally accurate production must first be manufactured using other processes. With 3D printing, where this is not necessary, you therefore not only save costs, but also time.

The result is a precisely produced prototype or customised component. Due to the high quality of the products, 3D printing dispels all prejudices against additive processes. Use the prototype to get a closer look at a product. Or replace the injection moulding process with functional 3D printing for the production of small production runs.

Improved Quality

High quality surface structure and strength

Precise Manufacturing

Precise manufacturing to measure by means of additive 3D printing

Production without Aids

Manufacturing without expensive tools or aids

With the help of 3D prototyping, you can prevent possible errors or weaknesses in new products. With 3D models or an exact production of components, you can comprehensively test your design. In this way, you can identify weak points and defects before the actual production. Due to the fast production of 3D printed products, this step can easily be included in the product development process.

Use 3D printing to meet the functionality of particularly complex components. With our rapid prototyping we produce prototypes up to a size of 200 x 300 x 300 mm². Have your prototypes printed now, accurate to size and in high quality! Send us your 3D CAD files or let us produce the corresponding data for you.

Create Design with CAD Technology

When developing new products, CAD files are used to create a design for 3D visualisation. This means that you can already see the final appearance of the product at an early stage. The advantage of CAD technology is that all further development processes are based on this digital data.

Submit Print Data:

You can send us your print data as follows:
  • via E-Mail
  • via FTP (you will receive access data from your sales contact)
  • via web upload (you will receive access data from your sales contact)
  • via CD/ DVD
You want to produce a new product but develop a prototype first? You need a suitable component or spare part? Do you want to present a specific 3D model at a tradeshow? Or produce a small production run of complex components cost-effectively and promptly? Our 3D printing service is the right process for these and many other concerns.

The process begins with the definition of the requirements for the product or prototype. Based on the defined dimensions and characteristics, a corresponding CAD file can be created. You can send us this data in any CAD file format in 3D in various ways. We check your data once again for errors before the 3D printing is started.

In this way we ensure a dimensionally accurate and error-free printing of your data. Do you have incomplete data? You lack the necessary capacities for the creation of the 3D CAD file? Our professionals will gladly take over this step for you and create the data exactly according to your ideas and specifications.


Definition of dimensions, development of product/ prototype


Creation of a 3D CAD file for printing


Check and, if necessary, repair of the print data


3D printing and production of your prototype or even the small production runs

Finally, the actual production of the data takes place. The high-quality 3D printing results in a dimensionally accurate product. The structure of the surface and strength recommend this process for a variety of industries. Finally, we offer you the final assembly or refinement of your 3D prints.

Have individual components delivered to you ready for assembly or opt for processing with further procedures. Further customisation or individualisation by painting is also possible.
flat bed digital printer

Printing and Refinement

We would be happy to enhance your prototype with printing or painting. Refine your 3D prototype or your small production run.


Final Assembly and Logistics

Let us assemble components or small production runs and you will receive the product fully assembled.

In addition to the 3D printing service, we have many years of experience in several other processes. We are the right address for the realisation of various wishes, products and processing of diverse materials. Discover our capacities for the production of your displays and constructions.

Plastics Processing

We process plastics by thermoforming, injection moulding, extrusion, lasering, CNC milling, polishing, bending, bonding / joining and assembly / packaging.

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Wood Processing

We process wood by CNC milling, sawing or planing.

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In our metal production we process by laser, punching, welding, nibbling, bending, pressing, sawing, powder coating, galvanising, chrome plating and anodising.

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Aluminium Processing

We process aluminium by laser cutting, stamping, extrusion, sawing, powder coating, anodising and milling.

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3D Prototyping and 3D Printing Service at VKF Renzel

Use our 3D printing service to produce high-quality prototypes. Opt for the production of a 3D prototype to set the course for the success of your product at an early stage.

Contact us now, submit your data and have your 3D model printed! We offer you a comprehensive service from data creation to final assembly.

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