Like textile printing, embroidery is used to enhance fabrics with textual or pictorial motifs. However, embroidery is characterised by its excellent durability and colour retention. The motifs are created by pulling coloured yarns through the fabric with a special needle and linking them to it, just like sewing.

As a result, embroidery does not restrict the choice of colours in principle, as some textile printing processes do. Any colour available as embroidery thread can be used for an embroidered motif. In practice, however, the number of different colours per motif is limited to about ten, as changing the threads is comparatively time-consuming.

Embroidery is equally possible by hand or by machine. In both cases, the part of the fabric to be embroidered is stretched in a round embroidery frame and additionally stabilised by an embroidery card placed underneath. Modern embroidery machines are capable of automatically converting artwork into embroidery instructions.

Embroidery is therefore also comparable to textile printing in terms of order processing. During the embroidery process, a voluminous structure is created with a special haptic impression that has a particularly noble effect.

Wide Variation

wide range of colours and styles


wide range of material can be embroidered on

Strong Material

resistant to fading and wear

Luxurious Look

this form of textile decorations stands out from all the rest

Advantages of Embroidery

  • wide range of colours and styles
  • resistent to fading and wear
  • versatile
  • luxurious look 

Embroidery is very versatile for a couple of reasons. This method of textile decoration can be completed in a wide variety of colours and styles and done on a wide range of different materials including cotton, polyester, leather, and suede. 

The different materials used to do embroidery are resistant to fading and wear over time, so you do not have to worry about your message, text, or logo fading.

Customised Embroidery


Embroidery is used in the textile and promotional products industry. This method of putting a pattern on fabric adds a personal touch to products such as clothing, accessories, and other embroidered logos, designs, and patterns. 

With its 3D design on clothing and other fabric goods, embroidery adds a luxurious feel to the product. You can make your products stand out and use embroidery to showcase your company's logo or message, you can use it at business events, for giveaways at tradeshows, or any other promotional event. 
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