Textile Printing

Textile printing is an unusual collective term for printing processes because it groups them together according to the printed material rather than the printing technique. The reason: textiles are typically more flexible, more structured and rarely have a white base colour like paper. They therefore place higher demands on the printing.
In addition to printing techniques developed specifically for textile printing, some universal processes are also suitable for textile printing. These include, in particular, screen printing, which prints on fabric in the same way as on paper. Inkjet printing is also suitable, but requires special equipment. Digital printing is particularly adaptable and suitable for the entire performance spectrum, from one-offs to large print batches.

One of the techniques developed specifically for textile printing is thermal sublimation printing. Here, the ink is vaporised and penetrates the textile fibres in gaseous form. This produces exceptionally durable prints, but requires special inks and can only be used with certain types of textiles. Less demanding is transfer printing, where the motif is first cut from colour foils and then transferred to the fabric. In this way, smooth surfaces (flex print) but also velvety ones (flock foil print) are possible. The colour quality is high, but only a few colours per print object and no colour shading are possible.

Different Kinds of Textile Printing

As stated above, the most common technique of textile printing is screen printing. Other forms of textile printing techniques include digital printing, rotary printing and block printing, Here at VKF Renzel we focus on screen printing and digital printing for textile printing. 

Textile printing offers a large range of possibilities for creating unique patterns and designs on fabrics. This allows designers to be able to experiment freely with a variety of colours, textures, and printing techniques to create fabric that reflects their own idividual style.

Textile printing is equally as important for businesses, because it allows them to express their style and message in a creative, one-of-a-kind way to their customers. It also allows individuals and businesses alike to differentiate themselves from their competitors. If you are looking for textile products to print on as promotional products, choose your design and colours, and create something truly custom and unique to offer your customers.

Textile Printed Products Here at VKF Renzel

Here, at VKF Renzel, we offer many different types of printed textiles. You can purchase items such as totes and shopping bags, banners and flags with print. Whether it is digital printing or screen printing on our textiles, custom printing will make your product stand out from all the rest. Check out a few of our options below. 

Shopping Bags

Banner Displays


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