Extrusion is a continuous process through which products of unlimited length can be manufactured. In this manufacturing process, a plastic mass, in the form of granulate or powder, is heated and pressed through a profile, or die. The die used determines the subsequent shape of the product.

Many different materials can be used in this process including plastic, metal, ceramic, or composite. Many products of different shapes and sizes can be manufactured this way. Here at VKF Renzel, we use extrusion technology to produce products such as shelf edge strips and the  FlexiSlot® Slat Wall System


Different Types of Extrusion

We offer both mono- and co-extrusions as well as the possibility to manufacture tri- and quad-extrusions. 
  • Mono extrusions are created using a die with a single cavity or channel. It will have a uniform cross section and is the method most commonly used for products such as rods and tubes. 
  • Co-Extrusions are created using a die with two channels. Two materials are brought together, e.g. our DBR 39 shelf edge strip, which have a coloured back part and a transparent front surface. We keep over 250 types of data strips in stock in materials such as PVC, PET, polycarbonate, TPE, PLA, wood composite and fibreglass. 
  • Tri-extrusions are created using a die with three cavities. This method is used for products which need more flexibility or rigidity.
  • Quad extrusions is similar to tri-extrusion except using a four channel profile to push the material through, and is used for more complex products requiring multiple layers or properties. 
Simply put, the number of material layers needed for a final product is what determines which extrusion method will be used. 

Advantages of Extrusion

  • Cost effective
  • Product Combinations possible 
  • Freedom of design
  • High efficiency
  • Low waste
  • Strength and Durability
Extrusion is a process that can produce a large quantity of product quickly and at a low cost. The tool costs are also low, resulting in a cost effective process. 

Dies can be made in a very large variety of shapes and sizes, making customisation possible. This allows us to meet the needs of our customers. 

Because the material is pushed through a die with minimal cutting, there is very litte scrap material that is produced. 

Lastly, materials produced through extrusion tend to be a bit stronger and more durable than materials being produced through other processes. This is because materials are put under a large amount of pressure. This pressure creates a much more dense and uniform product. 

Some of Our Products using Extrusion

This process is used here to create visual merchandising such as Shelf Edge Strips, FlexiSlot® Slatwall Systems and other advertising products. Explore our shop, discover our products that we offer, and find just what you need here at VKF Renzel:

FlexiSlot® Slatwall System

Shelf Edge Strips for Prices and Special Offers

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