Large Format Printing

Large format printing, also known as wide-format printing, is used to produce large format motifs for advertising purposes and private uses. These include advertising banners, flags and stickers or photo canvases and posters.

Special inkjet printers with printing widths of up to five metres are mainly used for printing. PVC tarpaulins, flag fabrics, self-adhesive films and poster paper are printed. Plexiglas®, plastic sheets and composite sheets made of plastic with two aluminium cover layers (Alu-Dibond) are also provided with individual motifs in large format printing.

Depending on the material, different printing processes are used for large format printing. With flexible materials, the ink is picked up in the electro-ink process via photo-sensitive, electrically charged drums.

The ink is fixed to the substrate with heat and pressure via a roller system. This electro-photographic system is also used to produce weatherproof advertising banners in large format.

For rigid materials, flatbed printers with UV direct printing technology are used. The ink is applied directly to the material. The ink is then cured with UV light. Glass and wood can also be printed in large format with this process.

Greater Size and Impact

larger print formats catch the eye of more potential customers

High Quality Images

clear and vibrant images, even at larger sizes


create unique, eye-catching designs that fit your need


printed on long lasting materials, which can be displayed indoors and outdoors

Why Large Print Advertising is Important

  • Allows for greater visibility
  • Makes a greater impact
  • Size makes it easier to catch the attention of more potential customers
  • Conveys important messages or information 
  • Can be displayed indoors and outdoors
Wide-format printing offers customisation and flexibility that is not offered or available with traditional print media. With large format printing, businesses can create marketing materials that are targeted and personalised in order to speak directly to their target audience. 

Large print advertising is also extremely versatile and able to be used in a large variety of settings. These settings include events such as exhibitions, retail displays, and large indoor and outdoor advertising.

How to Use Large Print Media Effectively in Marketing

Large format printing is a very effective form of marketing to reach a large amount of people. There are many different ways and places that you can display your large print. Here are just a couple of examples that we suggest:
Banner Frame

Outdoor Advertising

There are many different forms of outdoor advertising that are highly visible, effectively reaching a broad audience. If you have an outdoor wall that you would like to advertise your large format printing on, you can use banner frames such as Banner Frame Slot System Alu "Wall". The Banner Frame "Wall" series has many different sizes to choose from depending on your needs. 

If you want to advertise outside in front of your business, or somewhere in an open space, we have different banners that will meet your needs. Banners such as Banner Frame Slot System Aluminium "Vacant" can be concreted into the ground. If you want your sign to shine through the night, Bannergear™ Stand "Concrete Base LED" is the right choice!

Banners like Banner Frame Slot System Steel "Triangle" allow you to easily advertise your large format printing, without having to concrete the sign into the ground. For more ideas on how to display your large print media outdoors, check out more of our Outdoor Advertising Banner Frames »

In-Store Advertising Displays

Large format printing can also be used indoors in very cool and creative ways to catch your customer's attention. In in-store displays, a large banner display can be used to promote new products or sales. If you have a themed display, such as a summer sale, print large photos of the beach to draw your audience in. 

Banners such as Aluminium Stretch Frame "19" are perfect for mounting on the wall. This series also comes in many different sizes and configurations to be sure to fit your needs. We also have indoor free standing banners such as Aluminium Stretch Frame "44" and ceiling suspended large print advertising Aluminum Stretch Frame "44" for Ceiling Suspension.

You can use free standing banners in a way that not only advertises your message but also helps to optimise your business layout. This includes using you large print advertising as a divider to create privacy or to dampen accoustics within rooms where too much sound reverberates. 

Banners which are suspended from the ceiling can be used either within your shop or shop window. No matter which way you decide to go with in-door large format printing, you have the possibility to change out the banners easily should you want to change them out with changing fashions, products, and seasons. 
In-Store Advertising Displays
Exhibition Large Format Printing


Large format printing is essential for trade show exhibits, where your business needs to stand out from all the competition. The large print helps attract the eye of the Exhibition goers, to bring in many potential customers. 

Use large graphics, banners and signs, to create a visually appealing and interesting showcase for the products and services you are advertising. You can use traditional banners or use banners with LED, like the bannergear® "WALL LED", to really turn heads. 

We have large print advertising for both indoors and outdoors, so it doesn't matter where your exhibition is, you can be prepared with any kind of banner. 

Event Signage

For events such as concerts, festivals, sporting events, etc. large format printing is the way to go. This kind of markting allows all of the audience members to see the advertising of your products or services. If you are selling merchandise, food, services, or just want to promote your business at an event with a big crowd and heavy foot traffic, large pring media is a perfect way to reach a broad audience.

Some such advertising signs and banners that would be perfect for sports events include banner such as Mobile Banner A-Frame "Moba" or Banner Frame Slot System "Sports" ,which can be used for indoors and outdoors.

Banners such as Barrier "Fence" is a versatile barrier fence that can be used for many different kinds of events. It can be used as a barrier fence during concerts and sporting events to block off private passages in the short-term. They can also be used to block off areas for visitors or separate public from private zones.

Advertise your company's products and serices, or use them with directional messages as a way to guide large crowds. Either way, the large format printing will easily be seen. Check out more products and ideas for Exhibition and Event Equipment »
Truss System

Tips for Creating Effective Large Format Prints

  • Keep the design simple and easy to understand at a glance
  • Use high-quality images
  • Consider the viewing distance
  • Consider the inteded use

Try to use vibrant colours and simple graphics to ensure that your advertising catches the eye quickly and that it is easy to read. It is also very important that the images are sent in high resolution format, which are sharp and most suitable for large-scale printing. 

Larger advertising messages should have larger and bolder text to be read from a distance, while smaller large print media such as exhibition displays can have more detailed graphics, since they are being read up close. Choosing the right material is important when using large format printing. If you are choosing to advertise outside, durable, weather-resistant materials are the best choice. 

Some of our Products to Display Large Format Printing

Here at VKF Renzel, we have many different kinds of trusses, banners and signs to display your wide-format printing as marketing advertisement. Check out our products below and browse our shop to find exactly what you are looking for!
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