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Are you looking for an acrylic shop? At VKF Renzel GmbH, you will find products such as lottery boxes, brochure stands and product dispensers made of acrylic.

With our products you can present any product without distracting from the product itself. Due to the transparent properties of acrylic, your product always remains in the foreground and also brings order to your presentation.

We are manufacturers with more than 35 years of experience in sales promotion. In our online shop you will find a variety of standard products made of acrylic. On request, we will advise you personally and find the best solution for presenting your goods. Because we also manufacture your desired formats.

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Raffle Boxes with optional Advertising Space

Choose the appropriate raffle boxes for your raffle or competition. The standard raffle boxes for the table are available in side lengths of 200 and 300 mm. Optionally, the raffle boxes are available with a lock for safekeeping of your tickets or voting cards. In order to bring the raffle box to the optimum insertion height, we offer a powder-coated base frame. This frame brings the acrylic lottery ticket box to a height of approx. 1 m.
For large events we have developed the raffle box XXL. With an edge length of 50 cm this raffle box offers enough space.
By using poster bands you can use the transparent surfaces of the raffle box as advertising space or convert your raffle box into a ballot box. The poster bands are available for the 200 mm and 300 mm acrylic raffle boxes. The rigid PVC poster bands are printed in our in-house printing shop using the digital printing process.
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Acrylic Lottery Drums - Mix up your lots

Fill in lottery tickets and turn! Completely made of acrylic, our lottery drums offer the ideal solution for mixing up your lots. The hexagonal lottery ticket drum has a hinged lid which can be easily closed and opened with a lever. This ensures that the lots cannot fall out when the drum is turned.
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To complete the assortment, we offer you cylindrical donation boxes made of acrylic. Your donation message can be printed on a normal A4 sheet and inserted into the donation box.
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Brochure Holder for every Application

For table, wall and floor - in our shop you can choose from a variety of brochure holders - tailored to your area of application.
Table stands are the ideal solution for presenting your brochures and company leaflets on counters and tables. The selection ranges from single stands to multiple stands in various designs and formats. You can even place your catalogues neatly on the table. The formats A5, A6 and 1/3 A4 complement the A4 format.
For menu cards and information sheets the single sheet counter displays are suitable. The L-display stand has proven to be the most popular version.
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Brochure holders for the wall - optionally with lid - can provide your customers with information material even outside opening hours. Attach your brochure hangers to the outside wall of your shop. The brochures can be removed by folding up the lid and are protected from rain.
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(Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders | VKF Renzel (
Floor displays are used especially for trade fairs and in showrooms. Place the brochure stands directly in the aisle - ideal for walk-in customers. In addition, you can round off the information offer for your products with brochures.
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Product display stands for the presentation of your products

Acrylic product display stands have meanwhile proven to be the standard for the presentation of goods. Our range includes displays for glasses, wine bottles and shoes for presentation in shop windows.
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Acrylic products in our online shop

Find your suitable product in our main shop now. Not found? We will advise you personally and together we will find an optimal solution.

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