Acrylic - Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)


What Acrylic is

Acrylic is often also called Plexiglas®, Perspex®, and Lucite®. It is a stable, tough, UV-resistant and translucent thermoplastic that is often used as a substitute for traditional glass. Acrylic is also characterised by its low weight and is often used as a material in the manufacturing of  Point-of-Sale displays and Custom POS Displays. It is available in a variety of transparent, opaque and fluorescent colours as well as in different shapes. 

Acrylic Processing

We use a wide range of techniques to produce our acrylic products to guarantee the highest quality items. The acrylic is shaped by laser cutting, CNC milling, vacuum forming, polishing, bending, gluing, and assembling. The formed acrylic products can then later be painted, laser engraved, and plotter foiled. Using a combination of machine precision and skilled hand work, raw materials are transformed into complex and durable products. In addition to our standard items we also offer a custom design service.
Custom Acrylic Display

Printing on Acrylic

Before the acrylic product has been processed and formed into the desired shape, it can be printed in various methods.

These various printing methods on acrylic include digital printing, screen printing, and pad printing. However, pad printing is a printing method used after an acrylic product has been formed and has an uneven surface. Such products without flat surfaces to be printed include Display Spheres. These displays are also known as hemisphere dump bins and are very popular for offering open goods as a self-service option.

Laser Engraving on Acrylic

Acrylic is a material that can also be laser engraved. Laser engraving on acrylic makes for a beautiful elegant look, especially when in combination with LED lighting. The lighting makes the engravings from the acrylic pop, catching the eye of your customers. 

Other Processing Methods for Acrylic

Other ways that acrylic can be processed in order to give it a unique custom look is through methods such as plotter foil and vacuum forming. 

Plotter foiling is a very popular way to put writing on acrylic signs and displays. It involves using a special type of adhesive foil. This adhesive foil is transferred to the acrylic surface after it is cut using a plotter machine. 

Vacuum forming is a method used to shape acrylic sheets into a variety of different products. This process involves heating an acrylic sheet and draping it over a mould. After the pliable sheet has been draped over the design, a vacuum is applied sucking the acrylic to the mould's surface. This vacuum created forces the acrylic sheet to take on the mould's shape. Our Display Spheres have undergone vacuum forming. 

Lightweight and Strong

Weather- and break-resistant material

Cost Effective

High quality product for a reasonable price

Colour Variety

Available in a variety of transparent, opaque and fluorescent colours


Ideal for a wide range of applications

Advantages of Acrylic

  • Light weight and strong
  • Cost effective
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Transperency 
Acrylic is a weather-resistant material ideal for the use of display cases, advertising stands, and poster sleeves. Its transparency characteristic makes it a great option for illuminated displays, because it allows the light to shine through for illuminated signs and backlight displays. Acrylic is also siginificantly cheaper than glass making it very cost effecttive. 

Versatility of Acrylic

Acrylic is made by polymerising methacrylate monomers and then moulding them into sheets and then into different shapes. This process allows the acrylic to be a strong, tough, lightweight material, while also having half the density of glass. At VKF Renzel we use acrylic for many different kinds products.

Some of our acrylic products are also able to be shipped flat and then easily assembled at place of business after delivery. This helps decrease the volume during shipping, allowsing our customers to save on shipping costs. Such acrylic products include our Zebrina Series

Product Display Stands and Posters

If you want to store product or loose goods for businesses such as grocery stores, we offer Acrylic Dump Bins and other products to help shelf management and optimisation. We also offer products to hang and protect your posters. Whether you want to display them on your table or counter with a Slanted Acrylic Sign Holder or Y-Shaped Acrylic Stands, or from the ceiling with the Acrylic Pockets Cable System, you can discover many other frame and pocket options here. 

Custom Acrylic Displays

Here at VKF Renzel, if you do not see the exact acrylic display that you would like, we offer our customers the possibility of customisation. Our standard products can be individualised with different sizes and forms, printing techniques, engraving, etc. Check out a few of our products below and here to see a wide range of custom acrylic displays »

Promotional Products

If you are looking for promotional goods, we offer products such as Acrylic Key Rings, where you can insert a photo or paper. You can rest easy knowing the insert will be protected by the strong and lightweight acrylic. We also offer promotional Small Spirit Levels with colourful bubbles inside and advertising print.

LED Products with Acrylic

The benefit of acrylic being transparent, means that you can illuminate your advertisement and the acrylic will allow the light to shine through beautifully. With products such as LED Poster Stand “Acrylic” and "Simple" LED Light Frame, different LED Frames will impress your customers with its unique light effects.

Such special signs can be used to attract customers in areas such as:

  • Cinemas
  • Exhibitions, Trade Fairs and Events
  • Company Window Displays

The mixture of Acrylic and LED allows your illuminated advertising to be seen around the clock. It not only arouses the interest of potential buyers during the day, but can also attract attention at night. More customers and new customer groups are easily mobilised.


Our Acrylic Products Offered Here at VKF Renzel

We offer a wide range of acrylic products. Some of these products include slanted sign holders, menu card holders, acrylic poster sleeves, LED acrylic frames, raffle boxes, display spheres, and much more. All of these products come in many different sizes, shapes, colours and are made for indoor and outdoor uses. Our acrylic products have modern and sleek finishes that will advertise your material in a stlish eye-catching way!

Quick Overview and Fun Facts about Acrylic:

What is acrylic?
  • A plastic made from a polymer of methyl methacrylate
Why is Acrylic so Popular?
  • Acrylic is very versatile and can be customised easily
Where is Acrylic used?
  • Due to its versatility, acrylic is used in many different industries including art, medicine, fashion, construction, in aquariums, advertising, etc. 
When was acrylic first invented?
  • Acrylic was first invented in 1928 by a German Chemist named Otto Röhm 
How can Acrylic be maintained?
  • With a soft rag and mild soap. Harsher detergents and rougher cloths can damage the material

For more ideas, check out our website and discover more of our Acrylic Products.
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