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  • Secure way of storing donations, voting slips and business cards 
  • Individual production possible, also with advertising print on request
  • Optionally lockable with quality lock for maximum security
  • Available in different sizes, materials, colours and shapes

Raffle boxes, donation boxes and collection boxes are available in different sizes and formats. Cards, banknotes or raffle tickets are safely stored inside the boxes.
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Acrylic raffle box - from small to XXL - without or with lock

If you are thinking about a raffle box, you are probably planning a trade fair or event. Raffle boxes are not only used for raffles and prize draws.

Above all, the lockable raffle boxes are popular as secure containers for storing donations, business cards, voting slips, etc. As a manufacturer of raffle boxes, donation boxes and collection boxes made of acrylic, we guarantee the quality of the products.

A raffle box is incredibly versatile. It is mainly used for raffles, lotteries and promotions. At the same time, it is well suited for holding business cards, ballot papers, suggestions, ideas, complaints and much more. 

The article is known and sought after as raffle box, donation box, election box, lottery box, voting box, ballot box and suggestion box. Standard raffle boxes are available in different sizes (from small 200 mm up to 500 mm side length). If even the XL raffle box is too small for your project, a lottery drum will help.

If the contents of the acrylic box need to be protected from unauthorised access, it makes sense to purchase a lockable raffle box. A quality lock and 2 keys are included in the delivery. Choose from the two available sizes with a side length of 200 mm or 300 mm. Special formats are possible on request thanks to in-house production.

Donation box for your next collection campaign

You want to collect donations for a good cause? You are missing a safe way to store the coins and banknotes during the fundraising campaign? A donation box offers safe and secure storage that can also be equipped with an insert.

This box is ideal for collection campaigns. It can be placed attractively on a counter or used for running campaigns. Two screws and nuts on the lid protect against unintentional access. Intelligent slot dimensions allow for easy insertion of coins or banknotes.

Choose our classic donation box or other collection boxes to equip your next fundraising event. Choose between different articles and sizes.

Discover lockable raffle boxes and donation boxes

A raffle box with a lock is particularly suitable when collecting donations or other amounts of money. A lockable donation box can provide some protection against theft. The cylinder padlock is simply attached to the box.

Some of the lottery drums or raffle boxes can also be retrofitted with a lock. For other items, the lock is included in the delivery. Choose a lockable donation box to protect your donations from unauthorised access. The use of an item with a padlock is not only useful for cash donations.

Choose now between items with or without a lock. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the security of the respective product.

Rigid PVC Poster Band for an individual donation box

A matching poster band made of transparent PVC allows the insertion of an advertising print that is visible on all 4 sides. Alternatively, we offer you the banderole directly printed. An additional paper insert is then no longer necessary.

You can print a logo, an advertising message or important information on the band. Thanks to the transparent material of the boxes, the insert is clearly visible and at the same time protected from external influences. At the same time, you can customise the donation or collection box in this way. The poster band can be reinserted again and again.

Ballot box for elections

Ballot box with

Donation box for public events

Donation box with print for public events

Raffle box for lottery drawings

Raffle box for use at the new opening
Would you like to save on the use of a poster band? No problem, the raffle boxes can also be individually printed with your logo or slogan. A raffle box can be placed very decoratively on a rack or already integrated in the raffle box tower.

Collection box and letterbox

A collection box or suggestion box is used in various areas. The suggestion box can be found in many companies, shops and authorities. It is used to receive suggestions, proposals and criticism. These are written down on cards and put into the box.

Those who like it a little smaller are well served by our small letterbox. The mobile, lockable letterbox can be placed as desired. For example, place the suggestion box in a clearly visible position on a table or counter.

With such a box, you can ask customers, guests or employees about different topics. At the same time, the box offers the possibility that the process takes place anonymously. Use the feedback from your guests and customers to further improve your service and performance. Use the suggestions of employees to draw conclusions about the working atmosphere.

Select matching acrylic box

In addition to boxes made of steel or metal, we offer you a large selection of different acrylic boxes. We manufacture most of the boxes shown above ourselves. This gives us the opportunity to realise individual dimensions, printing or other wishes.

Discover the right collection box for your area of application in our online range. Use a raffle box for the next raffle at an event. Use the donation box for a campaign for a good cause. Alternatively, you can select our collection boxes to collect feedback.

Don't see the right item for you? Get in touch with us! We will be happy to make you an offer for an individual production.
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