Screen Printing

Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is a process that uses a knife like tool (rubber squeegee) to press the ink through a fine-mesh textile fabric (screen) to apply the ink to the substrate. Screen Printing is a special printing process because the ink is not transferred to the print material with a stamp or printing plate, but through a stencil. The surface being printed on must be flat and even.
The printer makes it from a screen that is stretched in a frame. This must be at least the size of the finished print, but may also be larger. All areas that are not to receive any ink are treated with a special masking ink on the screen. This screen coating makes the area of the product where no colour should penetrate, according to the image motif, colour-impermeable beforehand.  Screen printing can therefore be used to produce not only rectangular prints, but any outline shape.

During the printing process, the screen is first fixed over the print material. The printer then pours ink onto the screen and presses it through with a squeegee. Because of this way of working, screen printing makes few demands on ink and printing material. Both can largely be selected in such a way that optimum print quality and durability result. The printing ink must not be too thin, so that it does not run through the screen by itself.

You can also screen print on clothing merchanise. You can learn more here about this process, which is called Textile Printing »


Steps of the Screen Printing Process

First, a stencil is created by blocking out areas of a fine mesh-mesh textile screen using a light-sensitive emulsion.

The screen is then placed onto the substrate, whether that be a shirt, bag, sign, etc., and the ink is pushed through the open areas of the stencil using a squeegee.

The ink is then transferred onto the substrate, creating the desired image or design.

Advantages of Screen Printing

  • Versatile
  • Easily replicated for large quantities  
  • Withstands wear and tear
  • Cost-effective for large orders
  • Fast processing

Screen printing ink bonds with the substrate creating a very strong, long-lasting image. That makes this process ideal for products that will be heavily used or worn. This ink bond is also versatile due to ability to bond to many different surfaces.

If producing large quantities of product, screen printing is very fast and cost effective.
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Here at VKF Renzel

Screen printing is not only used in the fashion industry, but also here in the advertising industry to create visual merchandising such as flags, baskets, and other promotional materials. Explore our shop, check out some of our products that we offer, and find just what you need here at VKF Renzel:

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