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Air Purifiers: Effectively Equipping the Gastronomy and Hotel Industry

Using air purifiers in the gastronomy and hotel industry brings many advantages for your business. Ensure professional air purification with our devices with Hepa filters. The devices not only filter contaminated air, but also create a pleasant atmosphere for your guests. Discover our purifiers to minimise exposure to bacteria and viruses in enclosed spaces.


Our best mobile air purifiers with HEPA H14 air filter
PLR Mini air purifier


up to 110 m²

1,220.00 €/pc*

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PLR-Silent air purifier


up to 150 m²

2,650.00 €/pc

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PLR-Silent + Air Purifier


up to 250 m²

3,100.00 €/pc*

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PLR-Max Air Purifier


up to 800 m²

6,900.00 €/pc*

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PLR Silent Pro Air Purifier


up to 480 m²

WHIRTING LINE with a sound level of 40 dB at an air flow rate of 900 m³/h

5,360.00 €/pc*


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Air Purification in the Gastronomy & Hotel Industry

As in other areas, an air purifier also ensures effective air purification in the gastronomy. The air in the room is filtered and purified by the appliance. The result is filtered air, which benefits guests and employees alike. Particles such as dust, unpleasant odours (when using the activated charcoal filter) or pollen are filtered out of the air.

In addition to these components, our air purifiers with Hepa H14 filters also filter bacteria and viruses from the air. The long-lasting Hepa filter ensures effective air purification with a filtration efficiency of 99.995%.

Depending on the air purifier, the air in the room is circulated several times an hour. You set the power level individually. A silencer ensures minimised noise pollution from the air purifiers.

With our "Made in Germany" air purifiers, you can transform old, stale room air into clean air. This benefits all visitors and employees in your company. This can have a positive effect on both the indoor climate and people's health.

The Benefits of an Air Purifier in the Catering Industry

By using air purifiers, you initially ensure better air quality in closed rooms (you should still ensure a sufficient supply of fresh air). Particles such as dust, allergens, pollen, fungal spores or viruses are no longer inhaled directly. Instead, they are filtered out of the air by the respective device used. This ensures better breathing air, which can have a positive effect on health.

In addition, infections or illnesses can be prevented. The risk of infection can be minimised by removing bacteria and viruses from the room air. Emitted aerosols, which can potentially cause infection, are removed from the air by the air purifier. While the appliance improves the air in the room, you can devote your full attention to your guests.

The use of air purifiers can also give staff and guests a sense of security. Suitable stickers, window films or notices can indicate the use of air purifiers as soon as you enter the building. The devices are also a central element in the design of a hygiene concept. Decide now in favour of using an air purifier when developing your concept.

Where Can I Place an Air Purifier?

You can use an air purifier in many places in your catering business. With their simple design, low weight and practical castors, the air purifiers can be used anywhere. This allows you to position the devices anywhere in the room. Room changes can also be realised at short notice.

While you can use air purifiers temporarily in conference or meeting rooms, they can be used permanently in other locations. Establish effective air purification in your restaurant, reception, spa or fitness centre. The device ensures filtered air and a low particle load in the air at the respective location.

Depending on the air purifier, you can adapt the device to your location. The different modes allow you to adjust the performance of the purifier to the frequency of use in the room. The recommendation for a specific room size is decisive when positioning the air purifier. The range includes compact devices for smaller rooms and models for large canteens, conference rooms or cafeterias.

Mobile Use Possible

Always there where you need the air purifier

Reduction of the Risk of Infection

Exposure to viruses can be reduced

Plug & Play

Simple commissioning

How Does the Air Purifier Work?

When the appliance is used, the room air is drawn in first. This air passes through various filters inside the air purifier. The filtered air is then expelled upwards or to the sides.

The Hepa (high efficiency particulate air) filter is crucial for the effectiveness and high filter performance of the air purifier. This filter in turn consists of several sub-filters, each of which filters a specific type of air particle from the air. These are air particles that are as small as 0.3 - 0.1 micrometres.

Hepa filters are particulate filters that filter more than 99.9% of all dust particles from the air. The filter is a consumable item that should be replaced after prolonged use. In this way, you maintain the high-quality filter performance of the respective air purifier.
Use of Air Purifier

Discover the Right Air Purifier Online

With our air purifiers, you can expand your hygiene concept and improve the air quality in your premises in the long term. Choose the right device for your business from a range of models. The effectiveness of our air purifiers has been independently confirmed by various institutes. Convince yourself now of the filter performance of our room air purifiers.

We are at your side with our expertise and a high-quality selection of different air purification devices. Ensure fresh air in the gastronomy & hotel industry now. Decide on the ideal air purifier for your business.
LR80 Air Purifier

Air Purifier "LR80 WIFI+" with H14 Filter

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