Below is our range of promotional pens to giveaway to customers and clients so your business name is on a item that will be used everyday. Pens with print such as a company logo or slogan are very popular promotional items. Below you will find different types of pens to promote your business. View our range and order securely online or contact us for advice.
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Ballpoint pens: your classics among promotional items

Despite digitalisation and in times of smartphones, tablets and PCs, they are still one of the classic promotional items: Ballpoint pens in all forms, variations and functions. They are indispensable in everyday office life as well as giveaways and promotional items at trade fairs, events and functions. From discreet, plain-coloured classic ballpoint pens to shiny chrome-plated special models: We carry ballpoint pens in a wide variety of designs in our online shop - all models can be optionally refined with individual printing. Choose the ballpoint pens that best suit you and your corporate image now.

Ballpoint pens as popular give-aways - with or without print

The selection of retractable ballpoint pens and twist action ballpoint pens is almost endless: after all, ballpoint pens in particular are among the very popular promotional items with which you can efficiently represent your company to the outside world. With the individual company imprint, the customer holds a practical advertising medium in his hand for a long time and often uses it every day. So in addition to the appealing design, there is also the practical benefit.
The "YES transparent" retractable biros, for example, is a very inexpensive and attractive model: a classic retractable biros in a plain-coloured, transparent casing with a wide arched clip pusher. The "Straight Gum" metal retractable biros is a little more elaborate: a metal retractable biros with a soft-touch barrel, metal clip, metal tip, clip and push-button in GUN metallic. But the retractable ballpoint pens are also very popular, such as the "Arctis" retractable biros: a retractable biros with a transparent frosted barrel, metal push-button and black writing refill. 

Large selection of ballpoint pens for your company

We know very well how targeted and frequently ballpoint pens are used as promotional products. That's why the selection of retractable ballpoint pens and twist action ballpoint pens in our online shop is very versatile and varied. Decide on the biros that best presents your company and that you would like to pass on to customers, partners or even employees. Now choose the biros in the shape, colour and with the features you prefer. From classic plastic to noble, robust metal, everything is available.
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