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category-banner-click-frames Here you will find the right aluminium click frame for your posters, pictures and advertising media. The aluminium snap frame is one of the bestsellers in the field of presentation. Thanks to click frame technology, you can change advertising media in seconds.
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Open, insert, close and hang up

The professional presentation of content and the quick exchange of it plays a role in a variety of locations. For the short-term or permanent display of notices, aluminium snap frames - also known as click frames - have become a popular frame system. They not only accommodate inserts of different types and sizes. At the same time, your print media are protected from UV rays and rainwater and can be replaced within seconds.

The posters that are inserted in the frames are exchanged with the help of a folding mechanism. For this purpose, the individual elements of the frame can be folded open. This allows the cover sheet and contents to be removed. Now simply replace the insert, place the cover on top and close it.

The quick change of content always allows for up-to-date information and offers. The aluminium frames are perfect for short-term promotions and announcements. This allows you to remain flexible and spontaneous with your postings, as the presentation can be implemented in just a few seconds.

In addition to the easy handling of the snap frames, they can be attached at various locations. The click frames can be suspended from the ceiling, used in conjunction with a stand or attached to the wall. This makes it possible to freely place the models on the table and counter, as a suspension or on the wall.

Furthermore, the snap frames can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to waterproof cover sheets and appropriate profile technology, rainwater cannot harm your content. Your posters are also protected from fading due to sunlight.

The simplicity of handling, mounting and use of the frames make them popular basic equipment for every company. Our "Made in Germany" quality ensures that the products will accompany you for many years.

Various formats

Flame retardant


Direct from the manufacturer

It all depends on the right Framing

Posters and pictures of all shapes and sizes look particularly good with a matching advertising frame. Use our high-quality aluminium snap frames for this purpose. They impress not only with their easy handling, but also with their attractive appearance and versatile range of applications.

We have a wide range of front-loading frames in our assortment. In addition to the classic aluminium snap frames, you will find the popular aluminium poster frames with mitred and round corners. But also flame-retardant models, sandwich snap frames or double-sided click frames complete our extensive range.

The choice of front-loading frames depends on whether you want to use single or double-sided posters or pictures. For this purpose, we offer multi-sided examples in our range. These are particularly suitable for hanging or for use in shop windows. This way, customers and passers-by come into contact with your inserts on both sides.

It also matters how the frame is to be attached. The many options in the product selection are complemented by a choice of different fixings. Drill holes, foam adhesives, straps and other fixings are available to order. Choose the appropriate option for your area of application.

Do you want to present your content outdoors or indoors? Waterproof snap frames with UV-resistant cover sheets are ideal for outdoor use. This allows you to advertise and provide information outside permanently and protected from rainwater. Especially on promenades or in pedestrian zones, a large number of customers can be reached with the appropriate content.

When deciding on the desired article, you can choose from many other variants. One of them is the choice of profile width. You can get standard models in 25 mm and 32 mm profile widths as well as in narrower and thicker widths. In addition, you will find frames certified according to DIN 4102 that are flame-retardant.

When it comes to design, you decide not only which type of corners you prefer. In addition to the classic colours, the snap frames are available in various RAL colours. We are happy to realise printing or etching of pour aluminium snap frames. In this way, an ideal adaptation of the product to your company is possible.

As you can see, our range not only covers the need for standard articles. In addition, you will find products that also meet special requirements. As a manufacturer, you also have the option of having special products made to order. Take advantage of our extensive range and choose your favourite click frame here.

Aluminium snap frames in various RAL colours

Aluminium Snap Frames for your Business

The aluminium frames are light, simple and above all versatile. They can be found in public buildings, shops and shopping centres, among other places. There, they draw attention to information, advertising or special precautions. Due to the simple frame, the insert is in the foreground.

A0 snap frames and A1 snap frames are suitable for large-area movie poster advertising. In front of theatres or cinemas, for example, the click frames can be used permanently to advertise performances. Larger posters can also be changed in a short time. The UV-stabilised cover protects posters from fading during permanent advertising.

The aluminium frame is particularly popular as a classic advertising frame in all common DIN formats. But the frame is also recommended for passing on information and announcements. Thanks to the fact that they are mounted at eye level, the front-loading click frames are very popular with passers-by.

Do you want to publicly mark escape and rescue routes? Do you need to provide clearly visible information about special precautions? Are you looking for the right frame for your weekly or daily programme? The aluminium snap frames make communication with customers, employees, passers-by or patients much easier.

Compared to loose sticky notes, the aluminium frames not only attract more attention. They also convey a competent image of your company. With the aluminium front-loading frames, you reproduce your content properly, in high quality and unambiguously. As a manufacturer, we guarantee better readability of the posters completely without light reflections.

For first-class illumination of your information, we recommend our LED snap frames. They combine the practical features of a snap frame with uniform illumination by LED modules. This illumination has a special influence on customer perception.

No matter which snap poster frame you decide on now. The VKF Renzel online shop offers you exactly the right range of snap frames for posters, billboards and pictures. Take your measurements and choose a robust and stable click frame from our range.

Choose your aluminium frame from a wide range of variants and raise your presentation to a new level. Benefit from the many advantages of the frames and make poster changes within seconds. With our poster frames, you are armed against sunlight and rainwater. Use the interchangeable frames indoors or outdoors as you wish.

Choose from the common formats A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 and special sizes. We will be happy to customise your frame with printing or produce the desired frame in your special size. Purchase an aluminium snap frame directly from the manufacturer. With a large product selection and our "Made in Germany" quality, we are your reliable partner for frames & covers.

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